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Governance Update - ERAC (January '12)

Posted on Jan 01, 2012 by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Advisory Councils, External Relations, Governance, Member Update

The External Relations Advisory Council (ERAC) held their final call of 2011 on December 19. ERAC members further discussed a document on peering and international exchange points - a first draft which was shared on behalf of the Standing Committee on International Strategy (SCIS). While initially written from a U.S. perspective, it was agreed that the audience for this document is much broader and there is need to include input from additional U.S. exchange point operators and others in subsequent drafts or work. An Internet2 update, including a summary on the recent Internet2 Board of Trustees meeting, was also shared with those participating on the call. The frequency of the ERAC calls schedule for 2012 was also discussed. Being mindful of time commitments, competing priorities, and the purposeful need to meet, it was suggested ERAC calls be scheduled to occur monthly, and extended from one hour to 90 minutes to allow for more in-depth discussions. Beginning in February, ERAC calls will be held on the first Monday of each month. ERAC will meet on Monday, February 6, beginning at 3:00 PM Eastern.