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Internet2 Community Innovation Platform

Posted on Nov 01, 2012 by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Applied Research, Innovation Platform, Network Infrastructure, Research & Education Networks, Research Incubator, Research Solutions, Research Technology

Enabling Discovery, Accelerating Research, Empowering Community

The Internet2 Innovation Platform: Abundant bandwidth; fewer bottlenecks; and a new class of control to unlock a whole new dimension of research and education (R&E) solutions.

Abundant bandwidth

Extraordinary increases in network capacity and speed, delivered across a 100 gigabit Ethernet (GE) national backbone, deep into the places where tomorrow's innovators are at work.

Fewer bottlenecks

Pioneering concepts like the Science DMZ* provide a blueprint for architecting and optimizing local networks to support the very unique needs of research data. Using this model, campuses experience amazing levels of improved application performance without sacrificing security—and as a result, can fully leverage their investments in 100GE connectivity.

New class of control

Entirely new dimensions of possibility through software-defined networking, allowing previously untouchable, inflexible networks to be programmed and optimized for particular applications.

The Internet2 community is building these three advanced technologies into an Innovation Platform that can be used to develop a new generation of common community applications and deliver a new breed of more efficient, better-yielding services for scientific researchers and educators—including those available through Internet2 NET+.

This unique new environment will provide as-yet-unimagined solutions that accelerate collaborative scientific research and transform university business services—strengthening the nation's position as a global R&E leader for decades to come.

Creating new innovation opportunities begins with understanding what enabled innovation in the past...

A few decades ago, R&E community innovation sparked a little thing called the Internet, transforming our global economy into an information-based powerhouse, and turning a $250 million total investment into an estimated $1.4 trillion return annually**.

The Internet2 community (including the same players and partnerships that launched that transformation) believes investing in this new Innovation Platform will transform again, generating new applications and driving a new cycle of global economic development. They believe the time for building it is now.

The Internet2 Innovation Platform is open. Help build the future.

Email for more information.

*The Science DMZ model was developed by the Department of Energy's ESnet. More info on Science DMZ can be found at ESnet's website:

**See Quantifying the Economic Impact of the Internet for more info and links to the study.