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Governance Update - NAOPpag

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Governance, Internet2 NET+, Layer 3 Services, Member Update, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy, Program Advisory Groups

The Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) met on December 12. The PAG discussed several upcoming projects. In addition to the NAOPpag fee subcommittee's ongoing work, two subcommittees are being convened, the first to review the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC)'s charge and future direction and the other to conduct the annual TransitRail Commercial Peering Service (TR-CPS) review. The NTAC futures subcommittee will review the current NTAC and will ensure that NTAC is able to provide technical advice needed as Internet2 services grow beyond the traditional Layer 3 network service to include new network and NET+ services. The second subcommittee will conduct a review of the TR-CPS service. When the service was created, it was agreed that there would be an annual review of the service to provide feedback to ensure that the service continues to meet the needs of the community. The fee subcommittee has continued its work over the past month and endorsed collecting final data to make a decision about a new fee model for network services for the academic community. The roster of NAOPpag members is available online.