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Governance Update - AOAC (August '12)

Posted on Aug 01, 2012 by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Governance, Layer 2 Services, Member Update, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy

The Architecture and Operations Advisory Council (AOAC) met on July 11. The Council reviewed a report from the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) entitled, "Advanced Layer 2 Service Network Risk Mitigation" created in response to a charge from the AOAC to look at risk mitigation strategies for incorporating software defined networking capabilities in to the production layer 2 services that are being introduced. The Council thanked the NTAC for the excellent document and indicated that the document clearly articulated the issues as well as the risks and benefits of the service. A few editorial changes were suggested and then the document will be posted to the Internet2 website. The AOAC fee subcommittee chair, Dave Gift, reported that three new members had been added to the subcommittee. The new members are Steve Corbato, University of Utah; Elias Eldayrie, University of Florida; and Tripti Sinha, University of Maryland. The group is scheduled to meet several times prior to the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting and work with Internet2 staff on fee models based on the guidelines that the group has created. Rob thanked the AOAC members for their support of Internet2 through their excellent work on the Council and invited all of them to continue during the transition from the AOAC to the Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag). The NAOP will hold an open meeting on October 1, 8:30-9:30 a.m. during the Fall Internet2 Member Meeting.