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perfSONAR-PS, a complementary set of network performance services developed under ...

Posted on Jan 29, 2008 by Doug Howell
Tags: imported
perfSONAR-PS, a complementary set of network performance services developed under the umbrella of the global perfSONAR network performance measurement framework, enables users to generate near real time performance traffic monitoring and visualization. perfSONAR development is made possible through a global collaboration consortium led by ESnet, GÉANT, Internet2, and RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa) in Brazil. Because it can be used on both IP and optical networks, as well as hybrid networks like the Internet2 Network or the ESnet network, monitoring and measurement information can span and aggregate information from different network architectures and debug potential issues across those separate administrative domains--even if those domains are autonomous measurement systems. Its real-time, global analysis of network performance problems makes it possible for users to make immediate adjustments to their applications during run time. Implemented in the Perl programming language and currently in beta release, perfSONAR-PS enables network operators and engineers that already leverage a Perl-based environment to seamlessly integrate comprehensive performance measurement technology into their existing network management and measurement systems while still maintaining interoperability with other standards-based solutions.