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Internet2 Commercial Peering Service Enters Production

Posted on Jul 17, 2007 by Doug Howell
Tags: imported, Industry Partnerships, Network Infrastructure, Network Partnerships, Partnerships, Peering

New service provides cost effectiveness, ease of implementation, and high-performance potential

Ann Arbor, Mich. - July 17, 2007 - Internet2 today announced it is offering a production Commercial Peering (CP) Service to members on an opt-in basis at no additional charge through their existing connections to the Internet2 Network. By leveraging settlement-free connections between the Internet2 Network, and major content providers and Internet Service Providers, the service enables members to cost-effectively meet their community's commercial Internet needs.

More cost-effective commercial Internet access enables Internet2 members to invest additional resources in advanced networking infrastructure and capabilities. In turn, by using high-performance links to the Internet2 Network, the service has the potential to expand the performance envelope of the commercial services to which it provides access. The production service builds on successful trials begun in 2006, and current participants report that up to 40% percent of their commercial traffic now travels over the CP service.

"The Internet2 CP service provides tangible value to our members enabling immediate cost savings on their commercial Internet services and providing a mechanism for our members' to increase their investments in next-generation network services," said Steven Wallace, Internet2 CP Service program manager. "Looking beyond the obvious benefits of cost savings, we see that our members are finding new ways to work with partners who are limited to commercial Internet connections, and realizing performance improvements in applications that run over the network."

The service currently includes three major peering points across the country with plans to expand to five. The service today includes over one-third of the global routing table and is continuing to rapidly grow. Several Internet2 regional network connectors have taken advantage of the trial and have reported many benefits from the campuses and institutions they serve including immediate month to month cost savings, enhanced network performance, as well as additional opportunities for collaboration with partners and content providers connected via the commercial Internet.

"Participating in the Internet2 Commercial Peering service made perfect sense for our organization's business goals and our community's interests. From a technical standpoint, we are able to quickly and easily connect to the service and almost immediately saw performance improvements and cost savings," said Dave Jent, associate vice president for networks at Indiana University. "But at the end of the day, we feel that our participation serves an even greater purpose - enabling our community to re-allocate important dollars back into our advanced networking infrastructure that serves as the backbone for new and exciting innovations and breakthroughs by the community we serve."

A case study released today details the experiences of the Indiana GigaPOP, which provides connectivity to Indiana and portions of the Midwest, and the Connecticut Education Network Advanced Services Center at the University of Connecticut, which provides connectivity to the K20 community in Connecticut and Internet2 connectivity via Northern Crossroads, during the service development trial. Additional information on the service as well as the case study can be found at this link:

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