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NSF Middleware Initiative Release 9 Provides Tools That Enable Online Collaboration and Resource Sharing

Posted on May 02, 2006 by Doug Howell
Tags: imported, Middleware, Middleware Initiative, Network Diagnostic Tool, Network Performance, Performance Tools, Tools & Collaboration

Next NMI Release Helps to Further Scientific Work Through the Development of Tools for Identity and Content-enabling Infrastructures Across Organizations

May 2, 2006 - Providing new event diagnostic, privilege management, and portal-building tools, the ninth release of the National Science Foundation Middleware Initiative (NMI-R9) makes further progress in addressing the challenge of collaborating online in a shared cyberinfrastructure environment. NMI-R9 is available to the public for downloading under open-source licenses at

New for this release is NMI-EDIT's End-to-END Diagnostic Discovery (EDDY) Toolkit that supports integrated analysis and diagnosis of distributed, layered and interdependent components and systems. "This release offers a critical step towards managing and troubleshooting the complex distributed environments that we're building to support science," said Ken Klingenstein, Director of Middleware and Security at Internet2. "NMI-EDIT's EDDY Toolkit is a diagnostic model intended to encourage discussion and experimentation in this area."

NMI-EDIT's components also include the first production release of the Signet Privilege Management System, already receiving widespread national interest. Building on the international adoption of the Shibboleth(r) System, the Meta-Access Management System (MAMS) project in Australia contributed their Shibboleth Attribute Release Policy Editor (ShARPE), which organizations can use to construct information release policies for their Shibboleth identity-provider infrastructure.

In conjunction with the NMI R9 release, Open Grid Computing Environments (OGCE), another NMI team, is announcing a major revision of its software that enables the creation of Grid portals or web-based user interfaces that simplify the process of identifying and accessing Grid resources.

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