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NSF Middleware Initiative Release 8 Enables Research Communities to Develop and Use Shared Cyberinfrastructure

Posted on Oct 18, 2005 by Doug Howell
Tags: imported, Middleware, Middleware Initiative, Products & Services, Science & Engineering, Shibboleth

Grid and federated identity management software and resources ease the use and development of research tools for the advancement of science and engineering

October 18, 2005 - Working with research communities to provide development and access management tools for Grid and other research environments, the eighth release of the National Science Foundation Middleware Initiative (NMI-R8) helps to facilitate the complex resource management and security required in a shared cyberinfrastructure. NMI-R8 is available to the public for downloading under open-source licenses at

NMI-R8 marks two important "firsts" for the NMI program: the addition and integration of Ninf-G, the first non-U.S. developed component included in the GRIDS Center software suite; and GridShib, the first software enabling interoperability between the GlobusR Toolkit and ShibbolethR federating software.

Ninf-G is a GridRPC reference implementation developed at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan. "Tanaka-san and the co-developers of Ninf-G are very active in both the Global Grid Forum's GridRPC group and PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly). GGF drives Grid Standards and PRAGMA provides a collaborative environment for an international group of scientists to practically apply grid technologies to their applications by sharing software and experiences." said Philip Papadopoulos, Program Director, Grid and Cluster Computing at San Diego Supercomputer Center. "Through PRAGMA, we learned how researchers in Japan and Asia Pacific were making productive use of Ninf-G and believed that this could be very useful software for the NSF Middleware audience. With the integration of Ninf-G into the GRIDS Center stack, we're also learning about the practical issues of sharing and supporting software across borders and languages and see this activity as an important pilot study."

Another featured component, GridShib, enables interoperability between the Globus Toolkit and Shibboleth federating software. Using this package, researchers who are members of both brick-and-mortar institutions and Globus-enabled virtual organizations can use their local campus credentials to access their distributed Grid-based resources. GridShib is included in the NMI-EDIT release.

For the full release, refer to


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