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OneNet: Powering Innovation to Handle Big Data

Posted on Apr 01, 2019 by Stephanie Stenberg
Tags: CAP, Regional Networks, State and Regional Network Spotlight

With funding from the National Science Foundation, Oklahoma State University (OSU) purchased a genome sequencing machine for life science research. The data that it produces is staggering. Each week, the machine generates an entire terabyte worth of data. Moreover, the space required to analyze the data is 10 times larger than that. How could OSU handle the volume of data required to run the genome sequencing machine? 

"OneNet's robust connectivity is the foundation for so many research initiatives in Oklahoma."

Vonley Royal, OneNet’s Executive Director

Luckily, OneNet operates a 100 gigabit-per-second research ring across Oklahoma that connects the state’s research organizations, as well as connecting to Internet2’s nationwide network. “In our modern age, OneNet’s robust connectivity is the foundation for so many research initiatives in Oklahoma,” said Vonley Royal, OneNet’s Executive Director. “Our dedicated network is powering the future of our state and beyond.”

With its robust connectivity, the genome sequencing machine is primed for future innovation at OSU. This will increase the ability of OSU to receive future grants because it can demonstrate a proven ability to manage the data it produces, and now OSU’s research using sequence data is much more competitive. It also means that OSU’s undergraduate and graduate students have new opportunities to get state-of-the-art training on this cutting-edge equipment. 

About OneNet

OneNet is the comprehensive digital communications initiative of Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Oklahoma’s only statewide internet service provider. OneNet leverages local, national, and public-private partnerships to provide world-class broadband connectivity to institutions that sustain communities and enrich lives. 

OneNet’s mission is to advance technology across Oklahoma. OneNet’s high performance optical network meets the mission-critical needs of Oklahoma’s education, research, health care, and public service communities. OneNet also partners with other research and education networks across the country to connect Oklahoma to research programs throughout the nation and around the globe. 

Serving the diverse set of research and education needs of Oklahoma, OneNet has developed and operated a statewide fiber backbone with 100Gbps infrastructure serving Oklahoma’s largest research institutions. OneNet operates one of the two Great Plains Network 100Gbps on-ramps to Internet2, as well as directly connects to other statewide research networks through Internet2.

Network Statistics
Community Anchor Program member since: January 12, 2001
Twitter: @OneNetOK
Institutions Served:
K-12 Schools: 286
Career Technology Centers: 53
Libraries: 70
Colleges and Universities: 55
Government Agency Sites: 791
Hospitals and Clinics: 49
Tribal Agency Sites: 9
Research, Nonprofit, and Other Agencies: 31