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US Research and Education Identity Management Federation Announces New Steering Committee Members

Posted on Feb 06, 2019 by Sara Aly
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New members will serve three-year terms effective January 1, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 6, 2019– Internet2 announced the selection of three new members to the InCommon steering committee which provides strategic direction, oversight, and recommendations for critical identity management services and offerings that benefit research and higher education in the U.S.

The incoming steering committee members are:

  • Brad Christ, associate vice president for information technology and chief information officer at Eastern Washington University.
  • Christine Miki, president at Benelogic.
  • Chris Sedore, chief information officer at University of Texas at Austin.

Close to 1,000 institutions across the U.S. – including colleges, universities, government and nonprofit laboratories, research centers, agencies, and industry partners – benefit from InCommon’s secure, privacy-preserving trust fabric that enables institutions to make appropriate decisions about the release of identity information and the control of access to protected online resources.

This includes single sign-on convenience, privacy protection, and access control to protected resources through the InCommon Federation; enterprise solution for server and web certificates through the InCommon certificate service; and the global federated wireless network access service, eduroam.

“A common goal across all InCommon services and offerings is to help members of the research and higher education community work together whether their team is distributed around the state or across the globe,” said Kevin Morooney, vice president of trust and identity at Internet2. “The steering committee not only represents the diversity of users across the community, it provides strategic guidance on setting priorities and ensures that the needs of the community are addressed. I’m grateful to all our steering committee members who volunteer their time and expertise to support the mission of InCommon on behalf of their colleagues.”

Taking on executive roles for the steering committee this year are Mike Erickson, chief information officer at Colorado School of Mines, who will serve as vice-chair; Ted Hanss, associate chief information officer at Yale University, who will serve as chair; and Laura Paglione, consultant at the Spherical Cow Group, who will serve as secretary.

Outgoing steering committee members are Klara Jelinkova, vice president for international operations and IT and chief information officer at Rice University, and Michael Gettes, associate director of identity services at the University of Florida, who completed six-year terms each; and Celeste Schwartz, vice president of information technology & college services at Montgomery County Community College, who completed a three-year term.

For more information about InCommon and the InCommon steering committee, see

InCommon services and offerings make it easier and more trustworthy for organizations to enable access to its services by the users that need them whether locally, nationally or globally.

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Media Contact: 
Sara Aly
Communications Manager, Internet2