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2018 TIER Focus Includes Sustainability and Adoption

Posted on Dec 01, 2017 by Bill Kaufman
Tags: Recent Posts, Trust & Identity, Trust and Identity in Education and Research, Working Group

TIER focus is sustainability image The TIER (Trust and Identity in Education and Research) program enters 2018 with a focus on continued software refinement (particularly  containerization),  development of a plan for sustainability into the future, and accelerating adoption. The coming year marks the end of the initial investor funding.

In order to set plans for 2018, the community working groups and architects developed a document,  TIER Accomplishments by Thematic Grouping which categorizes the TIER work to date and documents future needs and goals - particularly for 2018. In addition, the TIER architects and participants in the new Campus Success Program (developed to accelerate adoption) met at the end of the 2017 Technology Exchange in October to hear updates about each TIER software component and provide feedback on planned 2018 goals for the program.

Since much of the TIER work is accomplished through working groups, the October meeting asked participants to review the “accomplishments” document mentioned above, affirm the direction of the working groups or propose course corrections, and ratify the proposed direction for 2018. In general, the attendees confirmed the value of the community approach to component development and are generally happy with the progress in software development and the container approach. The main area identified for improvement is documentation of practices, documentation of the components, and engagement with third-party vendors that could help spur adoption.

Other direct feedback from the session included:

  • Goals set at last TIER F2F were accomplished
  • Campus Success schools should provide input to the TIER working groups
  • We need to get other CIOs thinking about TIER, including non-TIER investor schools

Some of the items identified as “musts” for completion in 2018 (see the TIER Accomplishments document mentioned above) include finalizing the packaging of all of the components (Grouper, COmanage, Shibboleth identity provider, midPoint, and such ancillary components as OpenLDAP), moving the component repositories to GitHub and tracking to JIRA, and completing development of certain APIs.

Materials from the October TechEx meeting are available in a Google Drive folder.