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NSF Announces Fifth Round of Campus Cyberinfrastructure Funding

Posted on Jun 01, 2016 by Nili Tannenbaum
Tags: Frontpage News, Research Funding Support, Research Support, Research Support Center

The National Science Foundation recently announced the availability of funding for the fifth round of its Campus Cyberinfrastructure support program (originally known as CC-NIE). This year’s solicitation is referred to as the Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) program. It continues NSF’s original CC focus on campus-level network service improvements to support data infrastructure and to enhance research and education involving large data transfer and storage needs. The program has allowed a broad scope of campuses and regional network partners to upgrade infrastructure to support large science data flows, improve data storage capacity, enhance inter- and intra-campus collaborations, and benefit from access to Internet2’s advanced network resources.

This solicitation includes seven categories of support, including

  • Data Driven Multi-Campus/Multi-Institution Model Implementation (up to $3M total for up to 4 years),
  • Cyber Team (up to $1.5M total for up to 3 years),
  • Data Driven Networking Infrastructure for the Campus and Researcher (up to $500K total for up to 2 years),
  • Network Design and Implementation for Small Institutions (up to $400K total for up to 2 years),
  • Network Integration and Applied Innovation ($1M total for up to 2 years),
  • Campus Computing (up to $500K for up to 3 years), and
  • Innovative Integrated Storage Resources (up to $200K for up to 2 years).

All awards have a shared deadline of August 23, 2016. 

Additional information regarding this year’s solicitation can be found at

Proposals for Data Driven Multi-Campus/Multi-Institution Model Implementations support shared, multi-campus/multi-institutional regional cyberinfrastructure to leverage high-performance network paths among campuses, enabling integration of new data-focused services supporting data-driven collaborations and advances. Proposals must include a project plan with goals and milestones; management plan; campus CI plan; metrics for evaluation; data management plan; and documented partnerships with campus IT and at least one domain scientist. 

Proposals for the Cyber Team program replace last year’s Campus Engineer category and support multi-institutional, science-driven needs for a shared Cyber Team and corresponding engagement activities. Proposals must include a sustainability plan; description of the organization’s management structure; goals and milestones for evaluations; and a campus CI plan.

The Data Driven Networking Infrastructure for the Campus and Researcher category supports campus network infrastructure improvements to enable national and global high performance end-to-end access to dynamic network services that facilitate rapid exchange of research data. Proposals must include a summary table of scientific drivers requiring network upgrades; project-specific end-to-end scenarios and use cases including quantitative elements; project plan; itemized vendor quotes; campus CI plan; and letter from campus leadership addressing sustainability and institutional commitment.

Proposals for the Network Implementation for Small Institutions program are intended to support campus network infrastructure improvements to enable documented scientific projects requiring enhanced connectivity and academic data flow. Proposals must include a confirmed partnership with a regional leadership institution and CC*-related community engagement events; diagram of proposed network upgrades; project plan; network management plan with science data flow support; campus CI plan; summary table of documented partnerships with campus IT and scientists; and a letter from campus leadership addressing sustainability and institutional commitment. 

Proposals for the Network Integration and Applied Innovation program are intended to support the development and integration of innovative network capabilities and network-related software development. Proposals must include: documentation of at least one science project or application with a description of how the proposed integration activities will support data movement, throughput, and end-to-end performance; project plan; metrics to evaluate success; campus CI plan; and documented partnership with campus IT and domain scientists. 

The Campus Computing program is intended to support shared scientific computing needs with integration into national and regional activities and a next generation, HPC workforce. Proposals must include integration plans, including HPC outreach and training; summary table of confirmed scientific drivers requiring new computing resources; campus CI plan; inter- and intra-campus network connectivity illustration; PerfSonar-based measurement; and itemized vendor quotes.

Innovative Integrated Storage Resources proposals are intended to augment and deploy network-accessible and shareable, regional and individual campus storage resources that leverage existing infrastructures to enable data-driven scientific discovery. Proposals must include documentation of ways to achieve reliable and repeatable high-performance throughput data transfers; plans to enable external group sharing and access storage resources; campus CI plan; storage resource connectivity description; PerfSonar-based network performance measurement; and a summary table of scientific drivers.

Working Together

Internet2 staff are ready to help you as you prepare your proposals by providing technical consultation regarding network architecture and access to resources, and through provision of Letters of Collaboration. Because we anticipate accommodating many requests for this solicitation, we can accommodate you best if you provide the following with your request: the PI’s name, address, and title; the proposal’s title and designation of proposal category; a rough draft of the proposal narrative; and a list of Internet2 services or infrastructure the project would use. We encourage you to submit your request by August 9, in order to ensure the strongest and most detailed support we can provide. Requests submitted after that may include far less detail than others. We cannot guarantee letters for requests submitted on or after August 19. If you have any questions regarding Letters of Support, please contact Nili Tannenbaum at All technical questions and requests for assistance should be addressed to