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Focused Technical Workshops

Internet2 is collaborating with community members to offer a series of short, focused workshops on highly-specific subjects for discussion and community input. Akin to “mini” Joint Techs conferences, these events will be scheduled as often as the community is able to support them. Hosted on campuses, they are designed to bring together interested members of the community to collaborate on very specific topics in a streamlined manner.

Registration covers only very basic meeting support and breaks and does not include a negotiated hotel rate/contract, netcasting of sessions, conference meals, or local transportation. Keeping the meetings simple and easy-to-manage allows Internet2 and the community to offer as many per year as there are topics of interest and hosts willing to coordinate space.

The 1- to 2-day workshops feature a variety of topics. Hosted at member campuses and government laboratories, the aim is to bring together between 50 and 100 experts to address cutting-edge issues in emerging networking areas. Topics are announced via a subscribable mailing list ( and interested parties should follow the instructions for participation in each event. A call for participation is usually issued, and a program committee reviews the submissions and sends invitations to potential speakers.

Registration is open to the general public until capacity is reached. Fees for these workshops do not cover any meals. Break refreshments are usually included unless otherwise specified.

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