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Internet2 at Educause

Internet2 at Educause
TUE 10/25
Time Title Description Location
7:00 am–9:00 am Community Engagement PAG (Invitation Only) Meeting Marriott Orange County Ballroom 3 Lobby Level
9:30 am-11:00 am NET+ PAG (Invitation Only) Meeting Marriott Orange County Ballroom 3 Lobby Level
11:30 am-1:30 pm Private Office Hours Meeting Marriott Orange County Ballroom 3 Lobby Level
8:00am-4:00pm SEM04F-ITANA Face2Face 2016 | Influence and Leadership Skills for Architects: Driving Strategic Decisions
(separate registration is required)
The modern enterprise architect needs strong facilitation skills and tools to ensure technical alignment to the priorities, goals, and mission of the institution. Join your colleagues to discuss facilitation modeling, case studies, situational role-playing, and skill building and to explore how to effectively engage the university leadership and community.

Internet2 Chief Innovation Officer Florence Hudson is a guest speaker and will be presenting at 10:00am.
Ballroom C, Level Three
12:30-4:00pm SEM03P-Preparing for That IT Strategic Planning Project: A Data-Driven Approach (separate registration is required) Preparation is key to successful strategic planning that involves the many constituencies in your university. This workshop will provide practical approaches to collecting, organizing, and presenting the qualitative and quantitative data most important to the strategic planning process-data that will gain strategic alignment while incorporating information on educational trends and positioning "critical success factors" for a strategic plan. Meeting Room 204C, Level Two
12:30 –4:00pm Preconference Seminar: SEM05P-Cloud 101: Tools and Strategies for Evaluating Cloud Services
(Sean O'Brien and Andrew Keating)

(separate registration is required)

This seminar, a revised and enhanced version of a similar seminar from EDUCAUSE 2015, will introduce you to the technical, legal, and risk management considerations important to evaluating and selecting cloud services for your campus. Learn the key aspects of the Cloud Controls Matrix for security assessments as well as legal terms and conditions that make for successful cloud contracts. Understand the key elements to assess, select, and ensure successful deployments of cloud services

  • Identify the risks associated with cloud services and develop mitigation strategies
  • Learn approaches for engaging various campus stakeholders in the evaluation of cloud services


Meeting Room 303D, Level Three
1:00 –3:00pm Internet2 Industry Update (Open to all Industry Attendees) Meeting Marriott Orange County Ballroom 3 Lobby Level
3:00 –5:00pm NET+ Gen 2, open discussion with program managers and executives from the Internet2 NET+ Team (Open to all) Meeting Marriott Orange County Ballroom 3 Lobby Level
WED 10/26
Time Title Description Location
7:00 –8:00 am TIER Breakfast -Trust and Identity Breakfast: An update from the Internet2 Community on TIER and InCommon Federation

Looking to find out more about enabling access to cloud and collaboration services for your campus? Have international researchers and scholars? Join Internet2 and community members for a bite to eat and an update on what’s going on nationally in the community identity and access management software development, practices and functionality.

This event is full and only open to those who signed up by 10/25.

Marriott Orange County Ballroom 3 Lobby Level
10:30 –11:20 am Cloud Contracts: Reading, Writing, and Interpreting to Unravel the Mystery (Alan Fischel, Andrew Keating, Jerry Grochow) Session Type: Breakout Session

Panelists will discuss the issues that make cloud services contracts different from other IT service contracts, using examples from actual cloud services contracts to highlight service delivery, data security, termination, and "vendor lock-in" pricing, assurance, and viability issues, among many others. Participants will have a chance to question school and outside legal counsel about specific contract concerns.

Outcomes: Understand key cloud services contract provisions and how they differ from other IT services contracts *Learn to interpret clauses typically used by cloud services vendors and how to negotiate them *Understand the key risk factors in cloud services contracts

Meeting Room 304A/B, Level Three
1:30 pm TIER Poster Session: Community Developed, International-Enabled Identity and Trust: Case Studies

Explore how campuses are defining and development a standard method to support private and secure access for their scholars, researchers and students to local, regional, national and international services. Understand how you can participate and leverage the work for use on your campus.

Exhibit Hall B/C, Level One
THU 10/27
Time Title Description Location
7:00-8:00am ServiceNow, Cognizant & Internet2 Breakfast

Higher education attendees are invited to this breakfast meeting to network and collaborate. Did you know?

  • ServiceNow is a new NET+ Services Partner Provider
  • Cognizant is working with ServiceNow to develop a student-centric application for Higher Ed
  • ServiceNow services for campuses include admissions process, student financial aid, research projects, transcript requests, security incident reporting and more
  • ServiceNow has a booth on the exhibit floor
Anaheim Marriott, Ballroom G
1:30 –2:20pm TIER Discussion Session: The New Trust and Identity Approach- Community Developed Identity and Access Management Our discussion will focus on sharing how campuses approach identity and access management in order to advance campus collaboration and research for the future. Meeting Room 207D, Level Two
4:30-5:20pm CIO Roundtable: Lessons Learned in Increasing Inclusivity and Diversity The need for increased inclusivity and diversity to improve the quality of our IT organizations is clear at many of our institutions. The search for how to make this happen is much more challenging. Join a facilitated group discussion about cultural and procedural barriers and ways to move past them. Find out what’s working at peer institutions. Discuss next steps to make a measurable, positive impact when you return to your campus.

Ana Hunsinger joins CIOs on this panel including Mark Askren, University of Nebraska; Bruce Maas, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Raechelle Clemmons, Davidson College; and Deborah Keyek-Franssen, University of Colorado System.
Meeting Room 207D, Level Two
FRI 10/28
Time Title Description Location
9:10 am–10:00 am The Higher Education Cyberpractitioner: Community Building and Next Steps

Breakout Session - Cyberpractitioners link research scientists with the high-performance cyberinfrastructure they need. In July 2016, 35 cyberpractitioners, campus directors of research computing, and other community members met to discuss the occupation, formal and informal preparation, aspirations and frustrations, career paths, and more. At this session, we will summarize the workshop and share preliminary findings from a report being put together by those involved.

Jim Bottum and Stephen Wolff will be presenting.

Meeting Room 213D, Level Two
NET+ Service Providers
Booth # NAME
535,634 Acquia
1239 Blackboard
1725 Canvas
  Code42 CrashPlan
913 Desire2Learn Learning Environment
1365 DLT
115 Dropbox for Education
1260 Duo Security
  ICE Health Systems
1764 IDSolutions
357 LabArchives
1669/1671 LastPass
1451/1453 OneCampus by rSmart
351/450 ServiceNow
114/116 SkySync
545 Splunk Enterprise On Premise
463/465 Zoom
Trust & Identity

Password and Access Management Got Your Users Down?

Streamline and Standardize with InCommon and TIER

Internet2 provides the community-built and community-driven trust and identity infrastructure that supports faculty and staff, researchers and scholars, and access to services across the U.S. and globally. Two key components are the InCommon Federation and the TIER (Trust and Identity in Education and Research) software and campus practices.

InCommon Federation

  • Federated identity - SSO for both internal and external applications
  • Secure and privacy-preserving interactions
  • Shared policy and technology standards

The InCommon Federation provides a standards-driven method for providing single sign-on convenience for scholars, researchers, staff, and students to access local, regional, national, and international resources. 

Almost 900 organizations - including more than 550 campuses - use the InCommon Federation for authentication and authorization, with individual using their campus credentials. All organizations agree to common policies and technology to ensure interoperability.

Learn more about the InCommon Federation:

Download this helpful InCommon basics and resources booklet:

View this two-minute introduction to federation and InCommon

TIER (Trust and Identity in Education and Research)

  • Standardized campus practices
  • Combining and simplifying open-source software tools, including
  • Shibboleth SSO and Federating Software
  • Grouper Access Management System
  • COmanage Person Registry
  • Toward a community supported IAM suite

TIER has two components: an open-source software suite and a set of campus practices in identity and access management. 

  • The TIER software includes Shibboleth (single sign-on federating software), the Grouper access management system, and the person registry from COmanage.
  • The campus practice set includes such practices as a multifactor profile, eduGAIN global interfederation, and other IAM recommendations.

Read about TIER:

Hear about TIER! This video provides an overview of TIER and the reasons Internet2 is putting the resources into this program.