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July Events

Internet2 is hosting virtual events via the I2 Online series to allow us to continue to collaborate and share information virtually. Watch this space for more events coming soon!

Date/Time Event Description Connection
July 20-24 
Noon to
4 p.m. ET
InCommon BaseCAMP

InCommon BaseCAMP is an introductory workshop providing:

  • An introduction to the basics of identity and access management  — whether you manage identities, make resources available to those from other organizations, or both.
  • An introduction to the InCommon Federation, the U.S. identity federation serving education and research.
  • An overview and demonstrations of the community-developed identity and access management suite, the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, and the role it can play in your IAM system.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2020 2 p.m. ET (2 hours) Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Researchers Presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Internet2, this virtual session is designed to introduce Higher Education researchers to AWS cloud computing, including AWS’s infrastructure (such as AWS Regions and Availability Zones) and AWS security. Attendees will learn how to transfer and share data – to work more efficiently with researchers around the globe. And, the session will include a demonstration of how to deploy Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio on AWS. Register Now
Thursday, July 30, 2020
2-4:30 p.m. ET
Fall CAP Virtual Series (CAP-Members Only) Report on the CAP Connectivity Survey and Needs Assessment Survey. The session features 30 minutes at end of meeting reserved for R&E network updates and discussion. Email Stephanie Stenberg
August / Fall Events

Internet2 is hosting virtual events via the I2 Online series to allow us to continue to collaborate and share information virtually. Watch this space for more events coming soon!


Date/Time Event Description Connection
August-October Interactive Distance Learning Series

Hosted by the Presidential Primary Resources Project and held from August-October, the series offers online interactive programs with educators from the National Archives and Presidential Libraries and is suitable for students in grades 2-12.

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August 13, 2020 3-4:30 p.m. Fall CAP Virtual Series
(CAP-Members Only)

Bryan Alexander, the Future of Education 

Email Stephanie Stenberg
Week of
August 24 2020
Fall CAP Virtual Series
(CAP-Members Only)

Lunch Hour Social

Email Stephanie Stenberg
September 3, 2020
3-4 p.m. EST
Fall CAP Virtual Series
(CAP-Members Only)

Next Steps for Research & Education Networks: Learning from the Pandemic

Email Stephanie Stenberg
September 17, 2020
3-4 p.m. EST
Fall CAP Virtual Series
(CAP-Members Only)

eduroam Update (30 minutes at end of meeting reserved for R&E network updates and discussion)

Email Stephanie Stenberg
October 8, 2020
3-4 p.m. ET
Fall CAP Virtual Series
(CAP-Members Only)

Panel Discussion on RENs Serving K12 Schools.

Email Stephanie Stenberg
October 22, 2020
3-4 p.m. ET
Fall CAP Virtual Series
(CAP-Members Only)

CAP update and discuss objectives for next year.

Email Stephanie Stenberg
Past Events

June 2020

Date / Time Event Description Recording
July 9

Internet2 NET+ ServiceNow Town Hall

This Town Hall was held exclusively for Internet2 NET+ ServiceNow subscribers and featured Jeffrey Gore, Senior Director of Product Management at ServiceNow.

During this virtual event, Jeff shared upcoming release updates of the ServiceNow SAFE WORKPLACE Applications. Additionally, Jeff shared how ServiceNow addressed COVID-19 pandemic work place use cases identified during a recent Service Advisory Board meeting:

  • Student support for social distancing
  • Student health and well-being
  • Contact tracing
  • And others!


July 1
Internet2 NET+ Learning Management Systems (LMS) Town Hall Virtual Series

COVID-19 Next Steps: Preparing for Fall 2020 Semester and Beyond

In this session, higher education institutions, in collaboration with the NET+ LMS providers (Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and Instructure Canvas) outlined their plans for the upcoming fall semester. This includes lessons learned in shifting focus from in-person learning environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic and impacts to higher education and each service provider. Institutions and LMS providers also talked about how they are preparing for online learning environments in the fall.

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June 24


Internet2 NET+ Learning Management Systems (LMS) Town Hall Virtual Series

Transitioning to an Online Learning Environment ‘On the Fly’ During COVID-19

This vendor agnostic panel discussion features higher education LMS thought leaders and LMS owners. They will focus this discussion on how the existing LMS technology and support helped prepare higher education institutions to deal with the transition to ALL online instruction and remote learning, and the implications of doing so. Panelists will focus on sharing: lessons learned; opportunities for improvement; best practices that may benefit the research and education community, and more.

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June 22
NRP Engagement Webinar This NRP Engagement webinar featured speaker Barr von Oehsen, associate vice president of the Office of Advanced Research Computing at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. von Oehsen provided an Eastern Regional Network update. View Recording
June 18
InCommon BaseCAMP Sneak Preview What is the InCommon Virtual BaseCAMP? Who should attend? I’ve been in IT for 15 years; is there anything for me? Listen to a BaseCAMP session preview and hear the perspective of a previous attendee.  
June 16-18
midPoint Basics: Learn the Ins and Outs of Identity Provisioning

This three-day virtual class on June 16-18 offers a unique opportunity to engage with subject matter experts and your peers as you dive into hands-on labs. This course is intended for identity management architects, identity management system engineers, and deployment partners. Together you will customize, deploy and support midPoint Identity Manager in a way that integrates with the InCommon Trusted Access Platform components.

June 17
3 p.m. ET
NET+ Duo Community Call on Duo Prompt Update

The NET+ Duo Service Advisory Board and Duo invites you and others at your institutions to join a dedicated NET+ Duo Security Webinar intended to give institutions a preview of the next iteration and design concepts of the Duo Prompt and Duo Mobile application.

June 16

Zoom Higher Education Community Call Update

Internet2 partnered with Zoom to host a community call on June 16 to discuss the upcoming Zoom releases that affect higher education.

The call included updates on:
- LTI Pro App
- EDU feature releases
- Governance, Security and Compliance updates (progress toward the 90- day Security Initiatives)

Featured speakers included:
- Katherine Smith, SLED Manager, Customer Success
- Todd Dewall, Zoom Sales Engineer
- Freddie Guerrero, Zoom Sales Engineer
- Michael Howley, Zoom EDU Sales Lead
- Quyen Vaillant, Internet2 Associate Program Manager

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Wednesday, June 10 
2 p.m. ET
IAM Online: Hiring for Identity and Access Management

This webinar dove into how to hire people with the right skills to adapt and learn from the CIO perspective, the core skills to get folks started in IAM from the hiring manager perspective, as well as education and training options to bring new hires up to speed.

Moderator: Kevin Morooney, Vice President for Trust and Identity and NET+

Internet2 Presenters: 
- Kirk Kelly, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Portland State University
- Erica Lomax, Oregon State University
- Jessica Fink, InCommon Advocacy Program Manager
- Heather Flanagan, IDPro

Tuesday, Wednesday
June 2-3
Grouper School: Centralized Access Management at its Finest

This two-day virtual session focused on the InCommon Trusted Access Platform-packaged Grouper software (formerly known as TIER) with a focus on learning and using core Grouper features to implement the access control models described in the Grouper Deployment Guide. The sessions included a mix of lectures, hands-on training, and discussion.


May 2020

Date / Time Event Description Recording

May 28, 21, 14, 7
Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform via NET+ Workshop Series

This series provides information to adopt and deploy NET+ Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at your institution including: how the program works; how GCP is different from other clouds; advantages to using GCP via NET+; and how to best get started if you’ve recently signed up for the program. The virtual sessions feature presenters from campuses implementing NET+ GCP, technical experts from Google and the reseller community, and Internet2.

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May 28
Big Data, Remote Processing, and Fast Networks in the Digital Humanities

The evolving nature of digital humanities is creating an expanding need for big data, fast networks and high performance computing systems to support the access and visualization requirements. These projects require new collaboration among technologists, scholars, librarians and others. This presentation focuses on two projects that exemplify these collaborations and the significant IT contributions needed in supporting 21st Century humanities research and teaching. 

Speakers: Dennis Cromwell, Executive Director, Media Preservation and Digitalization Initiative at Indiana University; Tassie Gniady, Manager, Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Humanities and Creative Activities at Indiana University; and Todd Swanson, Digital Imaging Manager at J. Paul Getty Trust.

-Getty Presentation
-3D Digitization at Indiana University and Beyond
-Big Data, Remote Processing and Fast Networks in Digital Humanities

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May 19-20 COmanage Class: Managing Identities & Collaborations Workshop

This virtual, hands-on class provides a conceptual understanding of COmanage, and the technical know-how to get this solution up and running. Whether you represent a research computing center or central IT, you can expect to learn:

  • how to install COmanage using the InCommon Docker image and configure it for basic use
  • configure COmanage so that it works in a way that is customized for your organizational needs
  • how to model your organization or collaboration, and to set up enrollment flows and data processing to get the right people using the right services
  • basics of identifier management and group/role management
Coming Soon
May 18

IAM Online – Special Edition – How Do You Use eduroam?

Wi-Fi access has become critical for universities all over the world. Many research and education organizations have turned to eduroam – the global roaming WiFi service – to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors participate in online learning, research, working, and socializing.

This special edition of IAM Online provides a look at how three organizations have leveraged eduroam to meet these new and emerging needs. 

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May 13

IAM Online: Simplifying Federated Access to Scholarly Content and Services

Federated access to scholarly content and services for campus users is more important than ever. Campus stakeholders have vested interested in seeing this done well, but often use different language and focus on different aspects of the technology. This webinar highlights how different groups on campus are approaching support for users and how the scholarly communications industry is using federated technology like SeamlessAccess and GetFTR to enable access. 

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May 12 
NET+Subscribers Only: NET+ Zoom Subscribers Roundtable

Join this NET+ subscribers-only roundtable as campuses share their experience transitioning to and implementing Zoom as well as the challenges they’ve encountered and successes they’ve had. Notre Dame, University of Washington and University of New Hampshire representatives will join the conversation, among others.


April 2020

Date / Time Event Description Recording
Monday, April 27 "Observing Your MANRS" Webinar on  Routing Security Issues

The Internet2 community operates a vast and critical infrastructure, and we have a role in ensuring its health. Over the coming weeks, Internet2 is ramping up its efforts to support the community's adoption of MANRS.

Kevin Meynell from the Internet Society discusses how the MANRS initiative addresses problems like IP prefix hijacking, route leaks, IP spoofing, and more.

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Monday, April 27 Dan Schmiedt
"Life of a Packet"

Early in his career as a network engineer, while interviewing at a large networking company, the interview team lead told Dan, "You have an impressive-looking resume. But we don't really care about that." He pointed at a whiteboard. "Tell us exactly how a packet is built, travels across a network, and arrives at a destination host, and don't leave anything out." Dan nervously stood up and started drawing and telling the story of the life of a packet. Heads nodded and he got the job, although he didn't stay long before he decided to go back to work at Clemson. Today, any time someone asks Dan how a network works, he stands in front of a whiteboard and tells the story of the life of a packet.

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Tuesday, April 14 Zoom Higher Education Community Call on Security and Privacy

As you know, there has been considerable discussion around Zoom security and privacy in higher education and the worldwide community. Listen to an on what Zoom is doing to address security and privacy concerns from members of the Zoom team, as well as answers to specific community questions posed during the hour-long webinar. Speakers include:

  • Ben Grande, Head of Sales for local and state agencies and EDU
  • Shawn Rolin,  Head of Technology and Sales Engineering
  • Lynn Haaland, Head of Global Risk and Compliance
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Thursday, April 2 Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPW)

Internet2 and GÉANT have been partnering for years on Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPW). With the sudden shift to online teaching for many faculty, and in the spirit of assisting each other and our community in this unprecedented time, hear the NPAPW community provide advice and general best practices for teaching performing arts online in this 90-min webinar.

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Wednesday, April 1 - Thursday, April 2 Exploring Clouds for Acceleration of Science (E-CAS) Exploring Clouds for Acceleration of Science (E-CAS,) is a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award #1904444) that is being administered and coordinated by Internet2 in collaboration with commercial cloud service providers. Hear the latest updates on six sub-projects chosen for the first phase of the E-CAS. These projects were chosen based on their need for on-demand, scalable infrastructure and their innovative use of newer technologies. View the Recordings

March 2020

Date / Time Event Description Recording
Monday, March 23 Inter-campus collaboration in the era of big data enabled by the Pacific Research Platform with UCSC, WUSTL, and UCSF

UCSC is utilizing the PRP in collaboration with both the Washington University in St. Louis and UCSF. These collaborations involve cross-campus collaboration on datasets that are well into the multi-terabyte sizes. In this talk, wentroduce the science being performed at the scale of big data and how the PRP is enabling both the collaboration and the science in novel ways.

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February 2020

Date / Time Event Description Recording
Monday, February 24 IceCube Computing Grid with
Benedikt Riedel

We present how the IceCube computing efforts have evolved over the last 15 years from mostly home-grown solutions to a globally distributed computing infrastructure. It will highlight advantages and disadvantages of such an approach for an experiment with broad science goals ranging from astrophysics to particle physics to geophysics, and what we see in our future as we engage in more external collaborations in computing.

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January 2020

Date / Time Event Description Recording
Monday, January 27 Running a 380PFLOP32s GPU burst for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with IceCube across all available GPUs in the Cloud

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is the National Science Foundations (NSF)’s premier facility to detect neutrinos with energies above approximately 10 GeV and a pillar for NSF’s Multi-Messenger Astrophysics (MMA) program, one of NSF’s 10 Big Ideas. We report on a few hour GPU burst across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform that harvested all available for sale GPUs across the three cloud providers the weekend before SC19, reaching over 51k GPUs total and 380 PFLOP32s. 

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