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GigaPoP Workshop

  • Event date: April 29, 1997
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
During two full days of meetings, technical and administrative representatives from the over 20 currently planned gigaPoPs met to evaluate progress, share experiences and discuss issues surrounding the emerging regional Internet2 points of presence. GigaPoPs are a key component of the Internet2 network architecture, serving as connection nodes for members to each other, to participating federal and corporate members, and to the wider Internet community.Workshop topics were split between the two days of meetings. The first day's technical forum was led by Internet2 chief engineer, Guy Almes. Functional, rather than standard-based goals were set for the first two years of Internet2 operation. Among these are support for end-to-end IPv6 for Internet2. This approach will allow individual gigaPoPs to implement the most suitable technical solution for them, while at the same time providing a network that is seamless from the user's point-of-view. This also provides flexibility for individual gigaPoPs to implement the most appropriate technical solutions to fit their members' requirements.

Applications Workshop

  • Event date: July 23, 1997
  • Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
Over 150 campus applications liaisons, campus application working group members, campus engineering representatives on the joint working groups (QoS, multicast, IPv6, and security), corporate partners, Internet2 affiliate and corporate member representatives, and federal government guests attended the workshop. Two days of meeting were designed to bring the community together around a set of common issues, produce a report of requirements and issues and identify demonstration and testbed applications as well as potential partners for joint work on those applications. Plenary presentations on topics related to ongoing Internet2 applications development efforts began the workshop. These were followed by smaller discussion sessions covering a wide range of topics.

Internet2 Campus Networks Workshop

  • Event date: Sept. 15, 1997
  • Location: Davis, CA
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
The workshop reviewed campus network technology with case studies, with the recognition that campuses are following one of two backbone technologies paths, Ethernet or ATM. The Workshop had small group sessions to discuss and propose solutions to enable Internet2 functionality across the campus infrastructure. Group subjects included QoS, measurement and accounting, multicast, and authentication.

Joint Applications/Engineering Quality of Service Workshop

  • Event date: May 15, 1998
  • Location: Santa Clara, CA
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops

Second GigaPoP Operators Workshop (GO2)

  • Event date: June 24, 1998
  • Location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
Internet2 held the second GigaPoP Operators Workshop (GO2) 24-26 June at MCNC, Research Triangle Park, NC. The workshop brought together the operators of the university-led Internet2 associated gigaPoPs along with representatives of the Canadian CANARIE Project and the members of the federal Joint Engineering Team. The workshop promoted the smooth operation of gigaPoPs, while disseminating information about inter-gigaPoP interconnects, interconnection with the Federal NGI networks, and services gigaPoP operators provide to their member institutions. A NGIX workshop was held in conjunction with the GO2 workshop. Nortel, a UCAID/Internet2 Corporate Partner, sponsored this meeting.

Second Joint JET/Internet2 Topology WG Meeting

  • Event date: Nov. 4, 1998
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops

DSI Applications Workshop

  • Event date: March 4, 1999
  • Location: Chapel Hill, NC
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
The I2-DSI project is developing a global platform for delivering reliable, scaleable, high-performance distributed storage services to the academic community. I2-DSI represents an opportunity for application developers to experiment with structured, reliable replication services that will reside on a set of geographically dispersed servers connected to high-performance, next-generation Internet backbone networks

First Joint Internet2/DoE QoS Workshop

  • Event date: Feb. 9, 2000
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
Proceedings of the First Joint Internet2 / DOE QoS Workshop QBone: Early Experiences and the Road Ahead DOE-NGI February 9-10, 2000, Edwin Hornberger Conference Center, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas Sponsored by the Texas GigaPoP

Internet2 Network Research Workshop

  • Event date: June 28, 2000
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
Original link (removed June 10, 2014):

Network Research Workshop

  • Event date: April 18, 2001
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops

Internet2/NLANR Joint Techs Meeting

  • Event date: May 14, 2001
  • Location: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
This is a duplicate of - tried to delete this but system won't allow it as of 31 Oct 2017.

Internet2 IPv6 Workshop

  • Event date: May 17, 2001
  • Location: Lincoln, NE
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
On May 17th and 18th the IPv6 working group is sponsoring the first Internet2 IPv6 workshop. This will be a two day event. The goal will be to build an IPv6 network. We will configure routers, hosts, DNS and applications. Ideally participants should bring a laptop where an IPv6 stack can be installed and configured. The workshop will be limited to 15 persons. This will be a hands on, interactive event. It is open to any campus or gigapop engineers. Please send attendance requests to Dale Finkelson at

Internet2 Video Production Workshop

  • Event date: July 11, 2001
  • Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
Internet2 is hosting a video production workshop designed to help members create successful digital video productions for both live and on-demand streaming. This workshop will cover program design such as staging, titling, and mixing with an in depth look at lighting, audio, display and camera set up. There will be an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of various digital video technologies, from H.323 to broadcast quality, to help you determine which technology is best suited for your purposes. The workshop will also address some of the interesting challenges that arise with the convergence of traditional video production and high-speed networking.

Internet2 K-20 Initiative Workshop and Planning Session

  • Event date: Aug. 3, 2001
  • Location: Snowmass Village, CO
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
We would like to invite you to an Internet2 K-20 Initiative Workshop and Planning Session, beginning with an opening reception and dinner at 6:00 PM on August 3 and concluding by 2:00 PM on August 5 in Snowmass, Colorado. This meeting is scheduled just prior to the Seminars on Academic Computing to minimize travel, as many of you will be attending SAC as well. We are eager to begin work with you on this initiative and honored to have the opportunity to work with so many talented colleagues.

Internet2 K20 Initiative Workshop

  • Event date: Aug. 4, 2001
  • Location: Unknown
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops

Managing Digital Video Content Workshop

  • Event date: Aug. 15, 2001
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
A Two-Day Workshop on Current and Emerging Standards For Managing Digital Video Content | The workshop focused on practical applications of current and emerging standards--Dublin Core, ODRL, XrML, and MPEG7--for describing and managing video assets for any digital video collection, as well as for sharing collection information in the global environment using the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol.

International Lambda Workshop

  • Event date: Sept. 12, 2001
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
With the introduction of "customer-empowered" networks, research and education networks are redefining telecommunications and the future of the Internet, by taking over the control and management of optics and wavelengths from traditional providers. One form of implementing this are "lambda services", also known as "virtual dark fibre". Here the carrier offers a managed service that carries the customer's signals end-to-end without imposing any technology on the customer. The provider ensures the integrity of the physical fibre and equipment supplying the lit path. The term "lambda service" comes from optical networking where DWDM equipment multiplexes signals over a single fibre using different wavelengths. The customer is supplied with access to one or more wavelengths.

Training for Internet2 Commons Site Coordinators

  • Event date: Nov. 29, 2001
  • Location: Madison, WI - University of Wisconsin
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops

Internet2 Virtual Briefing: The Future of Virtual Collaboration

  • Event date: Jan. 24, 2002
  • Location: Online
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
Original link (removed June 10, 2014):

Peer-to-Peer Workshop

  • Event date: Jan. 30, 2002
  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Posted to: Internet2 Workshops
"Collaborative Computing in Higher Education: Peer-to-Peer and Beyond" has been rescheduled for January 30-31, 2002 in Tempe, Arizona. The workshop will take place at the end of the Internet2/NLANR Joint Techs Workshop which will also be taking place in Tempe, Arizona. Details on accommodations, registration and such should be announced soon at the Workshop website. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Roos at or Ana Preston at
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