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TIER Data Structures and APIs Working Group

Group Chair(s):
Keith Hazelton
Internet2 Liaison(s):
William Kaufman
Group Type:
Working Group
Group Areas(s):
Trust & Identity
The Data Structures and APIs Working Group has been asked to spell out an overarching conceptual model for IAM interfaces and information objects. See the charter at:


About TIER


The address for the TIER Data Structures and APIs Working Group wiki is:


To subscribe to the  list:

email "pubsympa at internet2 dot edu", with the subject line "subscribe tier-api [Firstname] [Lastname]"

or visit

To unsubscribe:
email "pubsympa at internet2 dot edu" with the subject line "unsubscribe tier-api"

upcoming events

Watch here for further details on upcoming events (posted as appropriate).