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Shibboleth Project

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Trust & Identity
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The Shibboleth project began under the Internet2 Middleware Initiative in 1999, connecting with the work of the OASIS SAML Working Group and participating in SAML from its initiation. As a founding member of this effort, Internet2 has been and remains firmly committed to the ongoing development and sustenance of Shibboleth as a critical software component for many campus identity management systems. To help expand the global support and adoption for Shibboleth, the Shibboleth Consortium was founded.

For more information on the Shibboleth Consortium, visit their website at

A containerized version of Shibboleth, with easier installation and configuration, is available as part of InCommon Trusted Access Platform.


The link for the Shibboleth wiki is:

NOTE: Shibboleth has moved from the Internet2 wiki platform and is now hosted as an independent consortium.


For more information on how to participate, visit Shibboleth's webpage at

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