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IPTV Special Interest Group

Group Chair(s):
Walt Magnussen Ph.D.
Internet2 Liaison(s):
Benjamin Fineman
Group Type:
Special Interest Group
Group Areas(s):
Advanced Networking
Formerly Voice over IP (VoIP), the IPTV Special Interest Group (SIG) engages university and corporate technologists from across Internet2 to discuss emerging voice technologies and strategies, to investigate the broad implications of network convergence, and to increase understanding how VoIP can improve the scalability, survivability, and functional richness of voice communications.

See more activities of the IPTV Special Interest Group at their website.


Mailing List

The mailing list is used for all announcements of VoIP SIG calls and meetings. In addition, the list is often used to discuss current topics of interest to the Internet2 VoIP community.

upcoming events

Watch here for further details on upcoming events (posted as appropriate).