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The Most Popular Blogs of 2015

Jan 13, 2016, by Elizabeth Boten
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Gender Diversity Initiative, Internet2 NET+, Internet2 Network, TIER

Internet2 compiled their most popular blogs of 2015, which shared insight on industry gender diversity initiatives, information on higher ed’s adoption of cloud technologies, updates on trust and identity endeavors, and scientific innovation propelled by advanced networking technologies.

Peruse or revisit the year’s most popular blogs.

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Our Stories: Women in Tech Spotlighted at Internet2 2015 Technology Exchange Part 1

By Ana Hunsinger-- Inder Monga, Division Deputy for Technology, Chief Technology Officer at the US Department of Energy’s Sciences Network (ESnet) served as a panelist at a session at the Internet2 2015 Technology Exchange. This session gathered those interested in the topic of gender diversity and featured a panel on unconscious bias to learn how to work together to increase diversity in our field.

Our Stories Part 2: Women in Tech Spotlighted at Internet2 2015 Technology Exchange

By Ana Hunsigner-- I want to continue my thoughts on the lack of diversity in the technology industry, and share insight on what the Internet2 community is doing to address it.

Wolff's World: Making the Case for NRENs

By Stephen Wolff-- National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) need to articulate their value proposition not only to the R&E community they serve, but also to society at large who quite rightly ask “Why special networks? Why not get the services you need from an ISP just like the rest of us?” The answers are both technical and social, and while the technical differences between NRENs and ISPs continue to evolve, the social differentiation is at once less comprehensible, more powerful, and more enduring. 

Bringing the Metaverse Home: How the HTC Vive Changes the Paradigm for the 3D Web

By Ben Fineman-- Advances in immersive head mounted displays jump-started by the Oculus Rift are poised to change the way we communicate, collaborate, and share information. Up until this point, we have been limited in these applications by the display technologies that we have available – mostly some combination of flat screens. For some kinds of content this works just fine. If I’m working on a text document, it makes sense for it to be a flat page on the screen onto which I can type. But there are many kinds of content that would benefit from a better interaction paradigm.

Happy 10th Birthday SAML V2.0

By Dean Woodbeck-- This week marks the 10th anniversary of the adoption of SAML V2.0 as a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties. This is a significant milestone for the InCommon community and all of those who depend on federated identity and access management.

Wolff's World: Sustaining America's High-Performance Computing Infrastructure – Part 1

By Stephen Wolff-- The National Science Foundation (NSF) launched the Supercomputing Centers program in 1985, and NSFNET — initially a component of that program — provided a nationwide network interconnecting the first five centers as a way to broaden the accessibility of the computers to researchers across the country. Since that time, both networks and computers have become more capable, in step with Moore's Law. But while the nation's R&E networks – Internet2 and the family of state and regional networks - have flourished as a collaborative enterprise of the higher education community, the funding and the foci of America's open high-performance computing infrastructure have pitted U.S. universities against one another in recurrent competitions, recounted in detail in an NSF Special Report on Cyberinfrastructure.

Internet2 InCommon Expands Staff to Support Growing Trust and Identity Activities

By Ann West-- Internet2's InCommon and related trust and identity activities are evolving and expanding as interfederation becomes a global priority for the research and education community. With this and Internet2's new TIER initiative taking shape at the same time, we have recently added two highly qualified staff to help in key areas for these programs.

6 Keys to Changing the Cloud for Higher Education

By Shelton Waggener, co-authored by Jack Suess-- We had the distinct pleasure of presenting a panel session at this year's NACUBO annual conference. Through an interactive presentation, pairs of CFOs and CIOs from Cornell and Morehouse College will join UMBC to discuss how both inter- and intra-institution collaboration is transforming the Cloud for higher education: changing campus services, increasing efficiencies, and most importantly, shifting capacities to support the strategic goals of the academy.