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The Internet of Things: Community Members Strategize and Collaborate on New Opportunities

Dec 01, 2015, by Elizabeth Boten
Tags: CINO, CINO speaker, Community, Events, Internet of Things

"I don't think the Internet of Things is creeping in, I think it's slamming in.”

Community member Bruce Maas, vice provost for information technology and CIO, University of Wisconsin-Madison, sat on a panel at a recent event in Denver, hosted by WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET), and shared with attendees that the Internet of Things is here to stay and required strategic planning and collaboration to capitalize on new opportunities.

Internet2’s Chief Innovation Officer Florence Hudson, also a panelist at the WCET session could not agree more, highlighting in her presentation that by 2025, the Internet of Things could be an eleven trillion-dollar industry, and could comprise 10% of the global GDP.

These statistics emphasize that CIOs and other community members should consider an Internet of Things strategy in the near future, in order to best evaluate and understand its potential effect on the campus.

Maas told session attendees that in particular, the impact on security and privacy will be significant. “It will be critical to design the Internet of Things, from conception to execution, so that issues like security and privacy can be designed in. Our world is scary, and about to get scarier if we do not address that during design phases,” he said.

In addition to preparing for the Internet of Things now, both Maas and Hudson underscored the importance of collaboration among community members, to connect in designing a system that addresses issues and capitalizes on opportunities.

“Beyond connecting with other community members, it is also extremely important for universities, government, and the private sector to work as partners in this process,” said Maas.

Hudson added, "if we start looking at this as an ecoysystem from end-to-end, we can figure it out."

This is exactly what Hudson plans to do at the Internet of Things World Forum, to be held in Dubai in December. The Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF) is an exclusive industry event, hosted by Cisco. The IoTWF is widely recognized as the premier thought leadership forum in this rapidly growing industry, a must-attend event for key stakeholders and innovators in business, government, and academia driving adoption of the IoT worldwide. The 2015 IoTWF will showcase dramatic transformations now gaining momentum across every global sector, a new world of opportunities made possible by the Internet of Things.

While attending the event in Dubai, Hudson will present on “Collaborative Innovation Communities,” along with panelists from IBM, STMicroelectronics, IEEE Internet Initiative, Ireland's Education and Research Network HEAnet Limited, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This breakout session will offer perspective on the Internet of Things and how it represents the new frontier as the IT industry evolves into the IoT industry. It will also shed light on Internet2’s IoT Collaborative Innovation Working Group to enable innovation-- and how our community is enabling active collaboration opportunities for members, partners, and policy and standards organizations to enable end-to-end solutions in the new and growing IoT world.

“I am thrilled to take part in such an exciting event, that will bring the best and brightest minds together around the Internet of Things. I am passionate about this topic and hope that by taking part in such prestigious industry events, we can help to prepare and guide the community as they embark on the IoT journey in their organizations,” said Hudson.

To take part in the Internet2 IoT Collaborative Innovation Working Group, send an email to