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Insights from SC15: My Busy Week in Austin

Nov 19, 2015, by Elizabeth Boten
Tags: Advanced Networking, Events

Written by Dan Taylor, Internet2, director, business development

I had the opportunity to attend SC15 in Austin this week, and had a great time connecting with community members and learning about cutting-edge technologies. Here are a few takeaways from my time at the event, for those who were unable to join.

Quantum computing is progressing:

I saw an exceptional 1000qubit machine from D-Wave, with a smoking performance at .015 degrees Kelvin. Test drives were completed by NASA and Google. Could quantum networking be far behind? I wonder if Air Force is still looking at quantum networking in 2020?

Supercomputing centers are stepping up their industry outreach:

There is great energy around the big supercomputing centers stepping up industry outreach. NCSA is winning accolades for its ability meet customer needs. And Lawrence Livermore, now independent, is now self sustaining; Internet2 is seeking to support their industry program that’s already making its presence felt with great new member FDA. And I learned that the San Diego Supercomputing (SDSC) also has a new emphasis on their industry outreach program. I had a great time meeting with Singapore¹s A*Star Supercomputing Center to discuss how we¹ve recently set up the first 10G Layer 2 virtual circuit connecting them to an Internet2 industry member.

Life sciences organizations are seeking global networking capabilities:

GEANT seemed pleased to meet with one of our life sciences industry members during the event about a global science enterprise vision. Increasingly, large life sciences organizations want to replicate their United States collaborative big science infrastructure across the globe to provide uniform capabilities at their labs in Asia and Europe.