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NET+ Highlights at the Internet2 2015 Technology Exchange

Sep 24, 2015, by Elizabeth Boten
Tags: 2015 Technology Exchange, Internet2 NET+

Mark your calendar for some exciting NET+ sessions, workshops, and meet-ups at the upcoming Technology Exchange.

Cloud Services (Systems Integration & Ownership)

Presentations will focus on projects, initiatives, and best practices related to development, deployment, and implementation of cloud services and applications within the R&E community, positioned within the Internet2 NET+ portfolio. It will also cover the broader set of standards, policies, practices, and service offerings that support the rapidly expanding set of solutions for campus, individual, and service providers in a cloud-driven technical environment. Subjects include cloud service integration and architecture, identity and middleware, risk mitigation, contracting, security and applications.

OpenStack meetup

The OpenStack meetup at the Technology Exchange will feature a round-table discussion around best practices when deploying OpenStack, pitfalls to avoid, and various use-cases that leverage this highly-scalable cloud solution. NET+ will be hosting regular OpenStack virtual meet ups so please be on the lookout for future invites.

Help shape the content of the Internet2 OpenStack meetups and participate in this short survey.

The OpenStack community will convene ongoing digital meetups and an online community. Sign up for the community.

The Future Direction of IaaS, PaaS, aPaaS, iPaaS, and devops in Higher Education

Come meet with the NET+ team and tell us where you see the cloud in five years. We are looking for your input on where we focus our energies and want you to work with us to identify the next great cloud technologies. Learn the difference between iPaaS and aPaaS!

The Stateful Condition: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Cloud

Containerization? DevOps? Stateless? If you don't know these terms, you should. Learn how the higher education community can take advantage of emerging technologies. Engage with your peers to figure out practical ways to think about consuming the cloud and spend more time building and less time patching.

Community User Group: Duo Security

Mary Dunker, Director, Secure Enterprise Technology Initiatives at Virginia Tech, will be speaking with Lisa Paul, VP of Customer Success at Duo Security, and Jamie Pringle, Integration Specialist at Duo Security, at a Community User Group sessions on Monday Oct 5th. They will discuss emerging multifactor authentication strategies, policy and compliance concerns, and expanding a current implementation. 

Campus Cloud Security Shared Assessments

Internet2’s Nick Lewis will be presenting along with Jon Allen, assistant vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Baylor on Wednesday Oct 7th at 2:30-3:20pm. The speakers are working on an idea for a shared cloud security assessmentrepository. This session will be used to get community feedback on their ideas. This discussion could result in a cloud security assessment working group.

NET+ Security and Identity Portfolio Development Workshop

The NET+ Security and Identity portfolio is aimed at rapid development of production cloud services for the higher education community to enhance operations, security, research, and teaching on campus. The shape of this portfolio and the services under development, as well as gaps and areas that need development, are dependent on community feedback and input.

Featured speaker: Stacey A. Dixon

Come hear Stacey A. Dixon, Ph.D. Deputy Director, InnoVision Directorate, speak at The Exchange, Monday, 4:30pm. InnoVision delivers path-breaking scientific research and transitions innovative concepts and capabilities to solve the Intelligence Community’s (IC) and the Warfighter’s most complex and enduring geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) problems.

End-to-End Trust & Security Innovation Working Group

Discuss our learnings and recommendations and help us build the future of End-to-End Trust & Security.

Securing the Science DMZ

Hear about Securing the Science DMZ from Karl Newell of the University of Arizona. The Science DMZ has been getting significant attention and this session will help attendees understand why they need a Science DMZ and how to build a secure portion of the network for a Science DMZ.

Real Applications of Virtual Reality in Research and Education

With the impending release of immersive head mounted displays like the Oculus Rift, we are about to witness a surge of both popularity and interest in virtual reality applications. The research and education community has long been a leader in the use of virtual environment to further our academic missions. This session at 11:20am on October 5th will explore tangible existing applications of virtual reality in our community, including interlinked virtual environments that provide a glimpse into the future Metaverse. If you can't come to Ballroom A in person, this session will also be available via netcast.

Video Interoperability Group

Video interoperability is essential for the research and education community to foster effective inter-organizational collaboration. The goal of this group is to develop and encourage the adoption of interoperable signaling and dialing standards in our community, as well as to bring focus back to cross-vendor interoperability and explore cloud interoperability. Start the week early on Monday, October 5th at 7am in Room 14 by participating in the discussion on how to improve interoperability and increase video collaboration adoption. In this important conversation we will also discuss best practices that can be shared amongst the university community.

IPTV Birds of a Feather

IPTV is the natural evolution of distributing television content on campuses. Come join us on October 5th at 12:10pm for a lunch discussion on video content delivery over IP, including community-sourced initiatives, NET+ providers, and underlying technologies such as CDN and multicast.

Metaverse Working Group

Get your Tuesday morning off to an early start at 7am on October 6th with this relatively new working group. Advances in immersive head mounted displays are driving us toward a liminal point in terms of adoption and utilization of virtual environments. These trends will have profound implications for the fundamental nature how we share information and collaborate. The research and education community is uniquely positioned to catalyze the creation of an open, interoperable, standards-based “Metaverse” of linked virtual environments that leverage these technologies. Standards exist today, but many unsolved problems remain in areas including security, identity, and distributed architecture. This working group has the specific goal of implementing standards-based, interoperable, interlinked virtual environments.