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Spotlight on Global Collaboration and Innovation at the Internet2 2015 Technology Exchange

Sep 23, 2015, by Urszula Chomicka
Tags: 2015 Technology Exchange, International Community

Envision, collaborate, and innovate - in the US and all over the world 

More than 77 international technology leaders from 15 countries who envision, collaborate and innovate with the domestic Internet2 community will join us at Technology Exchange 2015, the second edition of our technology-focused member meeting. We are looking forward to welcoming our international colleagues to Cleveland and discussing and collaborating on topics of research, cloud services (systems integration and ownership), trust, identity and middleware applications, security and - of course - advanced networking. 

We are continuing our long-standing partnership with the Network Startup Resource Center and are very excited this year to welcome an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of fellows from Cuba and Uganda to the event. Be sure to attend the International Networking Landscapes: Uganda and Cuba session to learn more about the amazing work they do in their respective countries to develop and manage their National Research and Education Networks. 

Some of the other numerous international collaborations that will be showcased during the event include: 

We look forward to seeing you there!