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Efficient Signatures with DocuSign Connect for Box at the University of Michigan

Sep 10, 2015, by Nick Lewis
Tags: Box, Internet2 NET+

Today, signatures are often needed in many situations in higher-education environments, such as appointment letters, sole source justification documents, forms needed approval signatures, faculty advisers signing off on student capstone projects, and notifications to faculty. However, the traditional process to create, scan, print, mail and sign the document normally takes up a long time, and it is ineffective especially when collaborating across campuses, schools, regions and countries. Research and education institutions are challenged to improve the efficiency of the signing process.

DocuSign Connect for Box is a powerful integration that enables your institutions to send the documents for e-signature directly from the Box account. It helps students, staff, researchers and faculty easily, securely and timely access, collaborate and manage documents that require signatures. Simply select any type of document for signature from Box, and prepare it in DocuSign. The signed documents can be automatically saved back to Box and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. DocuSign Connect for Box enables universities like the University of Michigan to:

  • Increase productivity with reduced signature cycle time
  • Enhance security with authentication controls
  • Gain end-to-end view with complete visibility into document status during the document’s entire lifecycle
  • Improve mobile capability on smartphones, tablets and laptops

More information about the NET+ DocuSign offering is available on Internet2's website.