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Looking for a technical forum to talk about SDN this summer? Opportunity for a R&E community-focused discussion in July in Berkeley, California

Jun 26, 2015, by Robert Vietzke
Tags: ESnet, Executive Insights, Research & Education Networks, Software Defined Networking

Across the Research and Education community, software defined networking and its ability to transform the way we think about network operations has been dominating planning discussions for several years. However, media and vendor use-cases sometimes only address the high-level ideas behind SDN that doesn’t always map to what an R&E regional network or campus WAN implementation of SDN might entail. There is a considerable opportunity therefore for the R&E community to come together and build its own best practices and shared knowledge for SDN.

The community has been hosting a series of workshops on this topic and has made great progress in short time. In a few weeks, there is another great opportunity, hosted by the leadership of ESNet, to join the next stage of the conversation about operating SDN networks in the R&E environment: "Roadmap to Operating SDN-based Networks" Workshop, July 14-16, 2015 in Berkeley, California.

This will be a great forum for CC-XIE awardees, regional networks and campus technical leaders to get a much deeper engagement on moving SDN to production in the R&E community. I’ll be attending and hope to see you there!