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NET+ eZuce Video Collaboration Platform is Increasing Higher Ed Effectiveness

May 20, 2015, by Philippe Galvez
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Video, Voice & Collaboration, Viewme

Today, the higher education environment is becoming extremely competitive. Research and education institutions are increasingly challenging their faculty, staff, and students to perform smarter, faster and be more productive. To maintain the competitive edge, more time is spent working, researching, learning and engaging with people from both within your campus community and with other organizations scattered all over the world. This new distributed environment, coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce, requires new thinking about engagement models.

Video collaboration platforms need to do more than help researchers, faculty, staff, and students just see one another; they should create an immediate, immersive engagement capability enabling them to interact with anyone, anywhere, at any time and on any device. For the first time, eZuce NET+ Viewme™ video collaboration provides a complete solution for every campus of any size using an innovative business model. eZuce NET+ Viewme connects people in a more cost effective, efficient, and intuitive way with a unique technology. This simple pervasive model will transform how faculty members, staff, administrators, and students communicate by keeping them more engaged in a more stimulating environment.

The eZuce NET+ Viewme portal enables every member of your organization to easily manage their collaborative environment by creating several collaboration spaces with various enabling features to address the different needs of your entire community. The eZuce NET+ Viewme innovative solution is very user centric and provides an environment to easily enable interactive person-to-person or group-to-group visual communication with endless capabilities in every corner of your campus' organization. NET+ Viewme meeting rooms are designed to enable:

  • Ad hoc face-to-face get togethers
  • Roundtable conferences with up to 200 participants
  • Virtual classrooms for hundreds of students and multiple presenters
  • Broadcasting of town hall meeting sessions with moderated audience and video chat

Below are some examples of the ways eZuce NET+ Viewme is helping higher education communities to communicate more effectively while saving both time and money.

eZuce NET+ Viewme is uniquely positioned to enable campus adoption of visual collaboration technology within every part of your organization. Now available through the Internet2 NET+ initiative, Internet2 members can take advantage of the NET+ Viewme offering and enable their entire campus to visually collaborate in their own personal meeting room. Viewme meetings are available on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems and users can also participate from within their browser with WebRTC. Additionally, there is no need to lose the hefty investments the university has already made in telepresence equipment, as NET+ Viewme integrates with legacy systems as well.

eZuce NET+ Viewme authentication can be performed through the InCommon Federation, which provides a common trust framework for U.S. education and research (serving approx. 8 million end-users). In addition, the eZuce NET+ Viewme real-time communication traffic runs on the Internet2 Network and therefore is fully optimized for the Internet2 members and affiliates.

Register now for our joint Internet2/eZuce Webinar on May 28 at 3PM ET to see how the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is using Viewme through the NET+ program.

More information about the Internet2 Viewme NET+ offering is available on the Internet2 website.

Want to take Viewme for a spin? Sign up for a 30 day free trial on the eZuce website.

Philippe Galvez is eZuce's chief technology officer. With his more than 20 years of engineering, entrepreneurial, and senior executive leadership experience, Galvez works on the company's technology and solution strategy. Prior to joining eZuce, he was co-founder and CEO of Evogh. He secured funding, assembled teams, led development, and brought to market a unique video collaboration platform that currently serves several tens of thousands of active users worldwide.