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Technology Exchange Call for Proposals Due May 21-What's Your Great Idea?

May 13, 2015, by Susan Evett
Tags: 2015 Technology Exchange, Advanced Network Services, Research, Trust & Identity

2015 Technology Exchange Preview: Part 1 – Trust & Identity
By Tom Barton

Identity and access management is at the forefront of the minds of Internet2 community members, who are tasked with addressing issues such as campus identity management, privacy, service provisioning, multifactor authentication and more. I have joined Jacob Farmer of Indiana University, Dedra Chamberlain of Cirrus Identity, and a team of Internet2 community members to plan a comprehensive program for the Trust and Identity track at the 2015 Technology Exchange being held October 4 – 7 in Cleveland, Ohio. The track includes the “unconference”-style Advance CAMP (ACAMP) on Monday and Tuesday morning, then two tracks for CAMP on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Lots of U.S. and International R&E organizations will participate, so it will be a great opportunity for Identity and Access Management people of all sorts to mix, enjoy, and learn from one another.

Tom Barton is senior director for IT architecture, information and security and the chief information security officer at the University of Chicago. He is a member of the 2015 Internet2 Technology Exchange Program Committee.

2015 Technology Exchange Preview: Part 2 - Research
By Rick McMullen

This fall, for the first time, Internet2’s Technology Exchange will feature a brand new track – Research – to explore not only research about network technologies, but also applications of networking as a component of advanced scientific computing and data-intensive computing. With the growth of cloud-based applications in many areas of basic and applied research, we are expecting some exciting and provocative talks about new ways that computing, storage, and networking can be used in collaborative, global-scale research. The track organizers include Anita Nikolich of the National Science Foundation, Chris Dagdigian of BioTeam, and Martin Swany of Indiana Univeristy.

To make this new track a valuable and informative addition to the 2015 Technology Exchange program, we are seeking presentations in areas such as cyberinfrastructure for research, national research computing resources, data innovation hubs, high-performance research applications and other areas. The Call for Participation is open until May 21. 

Rick McMullen is Internet2’s senior director of research engagement and development. He also serves on the 2015 Technology Exchange Program Committee.

2015 Technology Exchange Preview: Part 3 – Advanced Networking
By Eric Boyd

The Advanced Networking Track at the 2015 Technology Exchange will cover a range of topics of established interest to the Internet2 community. The track is being organized by Rob Vietzke of Internet2, Paul Schopis of OARnet and a team of Internet2 community members who are leaders in the development of new and innovative ways to support research and education. From traditional networking topics, such as IPv6 and routing, to newer technologies, such as SDN and the integration of compute and storage, to wild ideas, the Advanced Networking Track will be of broad interest to members of Internet2's technical community who have long come together to collaborate and exchange ideas. Of particular note, Tuesday will feature an all-day, single-room format, with back-to-back talks to a large audience.

We’re actively seeking presentations for this track, as well as for the four others. The Call for Participation is open until May 21. To submit your proposal, click here.

All five tracks are seeking presentations, and we'll post more information on Security and Cloud Tracks soon.

Call for Working Meetings Open

One of the many benefits of the 2015 Internet2 Technology Exchange is the opportunity to hold working meetings—working or advisory groups, birds-of-a-feather groups (BoFs), special interest groups (SIGS), Tutorials, etc.—in conjunction with other meeting activities.