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Building the NET+ Security and Identity Portfolio

Apr 23, 2015, by Nick Lewis
Tags: 2015 Global Summit, Internet2 NET+, Security & Identity

The Internet2 community and NET+ Program Advisory Group (PAG) are realigning two NET+ portfolio areas ("Infrastructure, Platform, and Security (IPS)" and "Trust and Identity") in order to allow for greater focus and alignment of Security- and Identity-related services into a dedicated portfolio. To achieve this, all NET+ security-related services have been moved out of the current IPS portfolio and into a new "Security and Identity" portfolio. There will continue to be close coordination between the Infrastructure and Platform services area and the Security and Identity group (e.g. for encryption key management or data loss prevention). This alignment also reflects the linkages between identity and security within the higher education community and the affinities between some of these services, such as two-factor authentication and electronic signature solutions that are important to campus security and identity initiatives.

Internet2's Trust and Identity team will focus on the federation and the TIER program while the NET+ Security and Identity portfolio will be the delivery mechanism for security and identity services. The higher education community has diverse requirements for information security. Campuses engage via different components of their communities: CISO and overall enterprise risk management, general IT staff, and more business-focused engagements. Engagement with a campus could come as a part of a general IT project or as a part of enterprise risk management efforts. The general IT community could be engaged in the add-on security aspects for existing NET+ service providers and via the Infrastructure and Platform Services portfolio. The CISO and enterprise risk management communities are currently an area of strong growth on campuses and significant value could be created for the community by campuses working together via the NET+ program.

The NET+ Infrastructure and Platform Services (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Box, Microsoft Azure) portfolio will focus on very large, highly scalable services, in particular those that provide infrastructure capabilities and/or replace infrastructure on campuses. That area will continue to have a large and visible relationship to security activities as many security services, particularly security at line speed and enterprise level security offerings, will cross over between IPS and the new Security and Identity portfolio.

Realigning the NET+ service portfolios is the first step in expanding engagement with security service providers and the higher education information security community. At the 2015 Internet2 Global Summit next week, a NET+ Security and Identity session will be held to engage these groups to begin developing a workshop, tentatively planned for the fall 2015 Internet2 Technology Exchange, and elsewhere, where feedback from the community can be solicited. A portfolio advisory board will be established to represent these different aspects of campuses and regional networks, including an identity management representative to ensure close coordination with the identity community, InCommon and TIER. This group will work on a long-term strategy for 2016 and beyond on how to best support campus information security needs and the information security community. In the short term, the portfolio will be jump-started via a request for new service providers or by a campus that sponsors a new tool via the NET+ service validation process.

Please attend the NET+ Security and Identity session at the Global Summit next week in order to share your views and help to shape the portfolio or contact Nick Lewis ( if you have comments or feedback. And, of course, as you engage with cloud service providers we encourage you to consider sponsoring them for inclusion in the NET+ catalogue.

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