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Highlights of Internet2 International Partner Sessions at the 2015 Global Summit

Apr 16, 2015, by Urszula Chomicka
Tags: 2015 Global Summit, International Community, International Partners

The 2015 Internet2 Global Summit is just a few days away! With more than 120 registered international attendees from 40+ countries, the summit will showcase how the Global Research and Education Networking community is working together to enhance international research capabilities and to provide higher-quality educational opportunities. Many of Internet2’s partner NRENs will present papers and participate in the summit. Some highlights of these sessions include:

Addressing R&E Networking Challenges in Africa
TIME 04/28/15 04:30PM-05:30PM

Operating environments in many countries make setting up sustainable NRENs and deploying reliable services a challenge that can only be overcome by concerted, joint efforts by involved communities. This session brings into focus NREN development and collaborative teaching and learning efforts in Africa, where initiatives often face political, technological, and financial challenges. Presenters Isaac Kasana from Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU), Bob Riddle from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and Boubakar Barry from West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN) will provide their perspectives on NREN development in Africa, some of the specific challenges faced by networks in Africa, and new ways the community is working together to address them.

Refining and Expanding the Global Network Architecture
TIME 04/29/15 08:45:10:00AM

The Global Network Architecture (GNA) technical working group is a broad-based international effort to create a framework for a next generation global high-performance network for research and education. The Global Summit provides an opportunity to provide updates on the progress of the GNA and to refine and extend the vision of the group. This session will begin with a short presentation by the Working Group Chairs on the current state of the GNA. This will be followed by three presentations on GNA “pathfinding” efforts: ANA-200G, the AGE-OX exchange facility in the UAE, and the Openwave 100G Project. The session will close with a community discussion on future directions of the GNA.

NRENs Partnering in Support of Transcontinental Collaboration
TIME 04/29/15 01:15PM-02:30PM
As research and education become truly global endeavors, the coordination and interoperability of R&E networks on a global scale is essential. This session will highlight how Internet2 and its global partners are working together toward a more cohesive platform for global collaboration. Tom Fryer from the GEANT Association will focus on the services offered jointly by Internet2 and GÉANT and on operational mechanisms and user support agreements that act to improve collaborative academic work across the Atlantic. Salem Al-Agtash from the Arab States Research and Education Network will present on how Africa and Arabia have been developing their e-Infrastructure through close coordination with their global partners. RS Mani will provide an update on the National Knowledge Network (NKN) in India and will present on a new partnership initiative between NKN and Internet2.

NREN Development and Service Deployment in Asia
TIME 04/29/15 03:00PM-04:00PMThis session will provide attendees a glimpse at the ongoing process to set up NRENs and deploy services in Asia. NSRC/Internet2 sponsored international guests Karma Jamyang and Sonam Wangmo will provide updates from Bhutan, and Denis Villorente will speak on developments in the Philippines. The session also will include a presentation on efforts to deploy eduroam in China.

Defining and Supporting the Needs of International Big Science: A Panel Discussion
TIME 04/30/15 10:30AM-11:45AM

This session will highlight three different community efforts designed to better understand and support the needs of international big science projects. Jill Gemmill from Clemson University will present on efforts to catalog the many programs, science domains, dollar investments, and worldwide distribution of Big Science collaboration sites. Jennifer Schopf will discuss the ongoing efforts at Indiana University to support end-to-end use of international networks. Representatives from the "Enlighten Your Research-Global" researcher support initiative will outline the 18-month progress of the project and the impact it has had on the global research community to date. Q and A and discussion to follow. For more information on these and other international sessions please visit the full program on the Global Summit website.

We look forward to seeing you soon!