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New Network Planning & Architecture Head at Internet2

Apr 07, 2015, by Robert Vietzke
Tags: Internet2 Network, Network Architecture, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy
Picture - John Moore, Associate Vice President for Network Planning & Architecture
John Moore, Associate Vice President
for Network Planning & Architecture

We are very pleased to share that an Internet2 community veteran has joined the Network Services team to help us plan the future of Internet2 infrastructure services and manage today's technical programs. John Moore, most recently the chief security officer and director of innovation and strategy at MCNC—the non-profit that runs the North Carolina Research and Education Network—will join us as associate vice president for network planning and architecture this month. John brings expertise and experience across a wide variety of Internet2 infrastructure programs. His deep connections with the network technical community will be a great asset as he begins some of the larger planning efforts before us.

Throughout his career, John has regularly volunteered to lead community teams and has been a prolific contributor to the Internet2 governance process. He has also been a strong voice in community forums about the balance between production, innovation and security issues.

The timing of John's arrival couldn’t be better. Just this past fall, the Internet2 Board of Trustees approved a 10-year, $100+ million capital funding plan to assure the Internet2 Network infrastructure is continuously refreshed and remains the most advanced network resource for research and education (R&E) in the world. John's arrival means that a community effort can begin to engage key member stakeholders and to develop the refresh plan in more detail.

The associate vice president for network planning and architecture role that John will fill also brings together many of Internet2's engineering leaders under a common umbrella that is deliberately linked to these longer term planning efforts. Our SDN collaborations, peering services, project and service architecture, global architecture, service roadmaps, network research support and related infrastructure programs will all coalesce in John's new area.

John has been a longtime contributor to the Internet2 community through his work on the Internet2 Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag); Architecture and Operations Advisory Council (AOAC); Quilt and the Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC). In the days of the Internet2 Abilene Network, John was one of the original engineers supporting the Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC) in North Carolina. 

With this and other recent Network Services hires, Internet2 is poised to grow the network, better serve the R&E community and remain a leader in community-driven advanced technology initiatives.