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Internet2 Showcases Advanced Networking Capabilities at GENI, US Ignite Events

Mar 26, 2015, by Eric Boyd
Tags: Advanced Networking

Network researchers and application developers from around the globe gathered in Arlington, Virginia this week for a series of workshops. The GENI community, the US Ignite community, the Open Grid Forum and the GLIF Tech Working Group are all meeting this week to showcase the latest advancements in network research and application development.

Internet2 is pleased to participate in these events, showcasing its support for the advanced networking community and partnership with Indiana University. The GENI demo session was held March 24, where Internet2 highlighted two new developments, marking its engagement with the GENI community over the last 5 years.

First, Internet2 is now running a GENI Aggregate Manager in production for its Advanced Layer 2 Service (AL2S). When GENI researchers stitch together GENI racks across the country, they are linked by circuits stitched across the Internet2 Network. The GENI demo session saw 86 circuits active across the Internet2 fabric created by individual researchers in the GENI community.

Second, Internet2 was pleased to showcase its network virtualization technology, announced last fall. Building on its investment in software-defined networking (SDN), Internet2 can now run multiple virtual networks simultaneously. This enables Internet2 to run production services like AL2S in one slice, while controllers like GENI Sitemon (developed by GENI researchers) can run on their own slice. In effect, the investment in Internet2's physical infrastructure can now support many concurrent virtual efforts, multiplying the options available to network researchers.

The Internet2 Network Services team will continue to attend and support these community-driven events. We look forward to seeing you at the next one – the Internet2 Global Summit 2015 in Washington, D.C. next month.