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Developing a Community Voice for Collaborative Innovation Initiatives

Mar 25, 2015, by Florence Hudson
Tags: CINO, Collaboration, Community Driven, Community-Driven Innovation, Executive Insights, Internet2 Member

Having just joined the Internet2 community this month, I must say it's great to be working with such a vibrant forward-thinking and forward-doing community! Last week, I asked the community for input on what I am calling Collaborative Innovation Initiatives. Thank you for all the valuable feedback you’ve sent in so far.  We are looking forward to identifying the top few innovation ideas from your input and then requesting members to join the Collaborative Innovation Communities we will build around the top few initiatives. The vision is to then invite those who offer to participate on those topics to calls and meetings to brainstorm on the definition of the Collaborative Innovation Initiative, to develop what the value proposition will be to whom, and identify what type of milestones should be put in place to accomplish the goals that are established for each initiative with identified participation from our membership. If you haven’t had a chance to complete the short two-question survey to provide your input for collaborative innovation, please do! We really want to hear from you. You can read about the vision I have for the Chief Innovation Officer role in an article published this week by Campus Technology.

One of the areas that feels ripe for Collaborative Innovation is Healthcare — including connected healthcare, learning health systems, security and privacy, and the link to genomics. Internet2 has just officially endorsed the core values of the Learning Health Community and we look forward to determining how we can work together in this important area. Many of the Collaborative Innovation ideas received in the survey noted above apply to healthcare, including end-to-end trusty and security, the Internet of (Medical) Things, big data science, and distributed data and analytics architectures.

We have also set up a email address for those who want to easily connect to us with your ideas, comments and questions.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the TIER workshop in Arizona in early April, and meeting more of you at the Internet2 Global Summit, April 26-30 in Washington, D.C. Happy Spring!