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Campuses Deploying NET+ Box Assess Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Mar 25, 2015, by Andrew Keating
Tags: CloudLock, Internet2 NET+, Netskope

As the higher education community deploys more cloud services, an increasingly exigent topic is how to monitor the storage and sharing of sensitive data. The same cloud services whose key features and functionality include enabling students, faculty, and staff to work collaboratively in previously unimagined ways also open up new areas of risk for universities. In particular with services deployed broadly there is an increased likelihood they contain personal information, student records, health data, and files related to departmental or university business and operations.

The Internet2 NET+ initiative has a proven community-developed service validation process that results in strong contractual terms around the handling of data and alignment with the higher education version of the Cloud Controls Matrix. Still, it is increasingly clear that additional services will be needed in order to ensure effective, secure, and compliant deployments of cloud services. In some respects, having contracts that permitted universities to consider enabling their end users to store sensitive data in the cloud actually led to a new challenge of monitoring and securing that data once in a cloud service.

Last summer, NET+ Box Advisory Board members, led by Bob Flynn from Indiana University, in consultation with their peers and campuses deploying Box and other cloud services, identified "Data Loss Prevention (DLP)" solutions as an important add-on to NET+ Box (and other cloud and on-premise services). They developed a questionnaire that would provide a way of looking at features, functionality, capabilities, and other factors in a consistent way across multiple services and circulated to those service providers who requested it.

Seven companies completed the DLP Questionnaire for their solutions:

In addition to making their responses available to the campuses deploying NET+ Box, the DLP providers were invited to set up a webinar and present to the campuses.

Internet2 member campuses (whether currently subscribing to NET+ Box or not) interested in accessing the questionnaire responses and webinar recordings should email Since the NET+ initiative is community-led and needs active member participation to develop offerings for the community, please email the NET+ team if you’re currently evaluating DLP solutions and would like to engage with your peers and colleagues in a NET+ evaluation or service validation for any of the solutions.

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