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Arizona State and NET+ Vidyo - Webinar Recording Available

Mar 11, 2015, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Internet2 Member, Internet2 NET+, Vidyo, Workshops & Webinars

We always talk about the potential applications of high-quality video collaboration technology, so it's great when our university members make these potentials into reality through the implementation of videoconferencing in their programs. Arizona State University is one of these leaders with their innovative uses of video, especially in their School of Life Sciences. Students attending distance learning programs at this school may not have the opportunity to physically travel to the Amazon rainforests, but that doesn’t stop them from studying live insects in the Amazon from the comfort of their own classrooms and homes. They do this through thoughtful use of the NET+ Vidyo service delivered by IDSolutions, which provides high quality videoconferencing capabilities for the entire campus.

We were lucky to spend an hour in conversation with Charles Kazilek, Director of Technology Integration and Outreach at ASU's School of Life Sciences, who is one of the leaders of this innovative program. Chuck took us through the details of not only how they are using the technology, but also how they went about deploying it and making it such a success. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar live, we’re pleased to let you know that a recorded version is now available for viewing here.

Besides checking out the webinar, if you want to learn more about the NET+ Vidyo service delivered by IDSolutions, please visit this page or email Or as always, feel free to contact me directly at - I love to talk about these great examples of how the technology can be used!