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Morehouse College Brings New Perspectives to Internet2 NET+ Box Advisory Board

Mar 03, 2015, by Andrew Keating
Tags: Box, Internet2 Member, Internet2 NET+

The Internet2 NET+ Box service, which was one of the first cloud solutions developed by the member community through NET+, is being deployed at nearly 100 Image - Box for Education campuses and providing real value and demonstrable results broadly across research and education (R&E). The NET+ Box Advisory Board leads the program and represents all of the participating campuses deploying the service and they recently welcomed Morehouse College and CIO Clifford Russell to the group.

Over the past few years the Advisory Board consisted of the universities that originally established the program and were the first to deploy the service campus-wide. Their efforts have led to numerous features, bug fixes, and documentation that benefit all subscribing campuses. Although committed to continuing to represent the community, they felt strongly it was important to add new representation to the group and solicited nominations from the universities currently signed up for NET+ Box.

With eight strong nominations from the community, they faced a difficult selection process in order to make a recommendation. Several came from smaller-sized campuses (e.g. fewer than 10,000 total population) and it seemed like one of these campuses would make an effective addition to represent campuses at one of the NET+ Box Tier 1 program levels. The group also considered factors such as: status of campus Box deployment and breadth of experience with Box; participation in the community to date; level of institutional commitment to participating; and others. Ultimately each current advisory board campus ranked their top three choices and aggregated these to present an overall recommendation to Internet2.

Morehouse's goals in joining the group are to bring the perspectives of both a Liberal Arts College and a Historically Black College and University, along with the experience they gain from the current process of reworking their physical IT infrastructure to move more to the cloud. Morehouse considers Box one of the core components of that work, which provides them valuable insights to share with other members of the community about our experiences. One manifestation even prior to joining the Advisory Board is Morehouse's sponsorship of Internet2 NET+ SkySync, a complementary service to Box that streamlines the migration of data to and from the cloud.

The Advisory Board recently met for two days and is preparing an update and "Town Hall" meeting for the NET+ Box Community in order to review the latest developments. Additional next steps for the program include:

  • Higher education developer meetup at Box Dev conference
  • Continued work on feature requests from the community
  • Migration of listservs to the new Internet2 community forum platform
  • Program updates to storage tiers and additional services coming in March

We welcome Morehouse to the NET+ Box Advisory Board and look forward to their contributions.