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Internet2 NET+ Splunk - Early Success, Exciting Future

Oct 16, 2014, by Andrew Keating
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Splunk

The Internet2 NET+ Splunk program is delivering real value and demonstrated results to the research and education (R&E) community, an exciting start given that the service began just over six months ago.

As of October 2014, nearly 40 universities have subscribed to the Internet2 NET+ Splunk program, with dozens more engaged in active trials and evaluations, and still others are investigating how to integrate existing installations of Splunk with the NET+ program. Poised to facilitate further Splunk adoption and experimentation over the next few years, the R&E community has purchased over 3000GB of daily indexing capacity at fixed 3-year pricing through the Internet2 NET+ Splunk program. This capacity is enabling participating universities to create environments of open exploration to encourage broad use of this powerful analytics solution. In addition, “waterfall” aggregation, which specifies additional discounts based on the total number of Internet2 Member universities subscribed at various thresholds, means that the more members who sign up, the lower the price for all participating universities.

Because of the deep engagement and streamlined ordering process, the NET+ Splunk Advisory Board recently approved moving the program to “General Availability,” indicating its maturation in the Internet2 NET+ portfolio and the high level of interest within the community. Additional next steps for the program include:

  • Reductions in pricing when “waterfall” thresholds are met
  • Technical presentation at the Internet2 Technology Exchange
  • Including Splunk Apps and potentially additional Splunk services into the program
  • Higher Education-focused Splunk Live! Event that will also be broadcast online in late 2014 or early 2015