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NORDUnet Conference to Bring Together Networking and Cloud Computing Experts in Sweden

Sep 16, 2014, by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, International Community, International Partners, Software Defined Networking

H. David Lambert, president and CEO of Internet2, is a featured speaker on Tuesday, September 23, in the International Challenges & Infrastructure track at annual NORDUnet Conference in Uppsala, Sweden.

Lambert will discuss the current trends in globalization of research and education and the growing impact it has on National Research and Education Networks (NREN) and address the developing context in which Geant and other research and education networks must plan their futures. He will specifically reference how this impacts Geant 2020 and the national research and education networks in Europe. He will update conference attendees on the purpose and activities of the Global NREN CEO Forum and speak specifically to the critical global infrastructure and service initiatives the group has committed to use their resources to accelerate.

Internet2's Rob Vietzke, VP, Network Services, is also featured speaker in the Innovation in Networking track on Tuesday, September 23. Applying innovative open standards technology is one of the key strengths of the R&E Networks around the world. In the "Innovation in Networking" track, three great examples of projects at the networking layer exploring this paradigm are elaborated on. Three long term experts, including Vietzke, from the R&E Networking community will discuss their experiences, thoughts and lessons learned.

More About Vietzke's Session:

The R&E community has helped invent the concept of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and has already begun to leverage SDN concepts in its production networks. Now as users from throughout the R&E ecosystem demand more integrated compute, storage and networking, we must tackle another level of network virtualization and compute/storage integration with our R&E networks. This talk will focus on Internet2's evolution of its Innovation platform and how content, compute and storage capabilities are beginning to integrate with the SDN network capabilities.

For the full NORDUnet Conference program schedule, click here.