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NAOPpag Report: September 2014

Sep 10, 2014, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Frontpage News

Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group: August Summary

On August 27, the Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) met. They heard a report from the NAOPpag Policy Review Committee (Kamran Khan, Michael Lambert, Dave Lois, John Moore, Paul Schopis). The committee was convened to review Internet2 policies/practices including the Network Flow Data Privacy Policy, Headroom Practice and the Business Continuity Practice. The committee commented and discussed the policies/practices and encouraged endorsement of the policies/practices in their current forms with recommendations for future considerations. They also endorse maintaining the current approach to commercial peering which includes light documentation of policy.

The PAG also discussed the Deepfield analytics service with a focus on ensuring that the data collection is consistent with the Network Flow Data Privacy Policy and how aggregators (regional networks) are able to share data with their constituents. A sub-group will continue to work with staff to look for a productive approach to accessing Deepfield while also honoring the privacy policy.

In July, the NAOPpag joined the External Relations PAG in a discussion regarding Net Neutrality and the FCC call for comments. An excellent discussion was held with special attention paid to how various responses could affect the Internet2 community.

The NAOPpag is establishing a regular rotation for its members. In 2014, about a third of the membership will consider rotating off of the PAG and new members will be identified within the community. This will allow the NAOPpag to continue to include new community leaders while maintaining the wisdom of long serving members.

The NAOP heard a summary of the discussion held earlier with the Internet2 Board that focused on of the budget and planning for future capital investments to maintain that innovative position.