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NHK Scores a Goal with 8K Broadcast of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Jun 18, 2014, by Iljun Kim
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Audio Video Communications Infrastructure, Community-Driven Innovation, Frontpage News, International Community, Internet2 Network, Network Partnerships, NREN

NHK Scores a Goal with 8K Broadcast of 2014 FIFA World Cup

Internet2 and Other National Research & Education Networks Assist

If you like watching World Cup soccer matches over your television or computer, you will love the view someday with a Super Hi-Vision 8K TV set. Soccer fans describe the experience as like having a front row seat at the stadium in Brazil.

SHV 8K is Japanese broadcaster NHK’s system for providing 16 times the picture quality of high-definition TV (HDTV), with 22.2-channel surround sound. Only a few 8K capable broadcast cameras currently exist. Details about NHK’s system can be found at

With the help of NTT Laboratories and RNP, NHK televised matches this week from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo featuring Japan vs Cote D’Ivoire and the United States vs Ghana at three sites in Brazil, and four sites in Japan for public and private audiences. NHK will show matches during seven more days of the World Cup, including the finals on July 13.

NHK is showcasing 8K TV in Brazil and Japan with the help of several international research and education networks, including the Internet2 Network, RNP, RedClara, SINET4 and GEMnet2, which is NTT's own research network. NTT and RNP (Brazil's R&E network) use multiple international routes for redundancy over these research and education networks. Throughout each telecast, the streaming video transferred data at .8 Gbps over Internet2’s Network.

The current state of the art digital terrestrial television prevents 8K signals from being broadcast over long distances. That’s why this project relies on the technological support of NTT Innovation Labs, RNP and other research networks worldwide.    

Some of the World Cup 8K broadcasts will also be used for a test transmission of 4K viewing in Japan this month after being down-converted to 4K. Currently in the United States, Ultra HD TV’s support 4K, which is four times the resolution as HD TV.

During the 2012 London Olympics, NHK demonstrated live and recorded versions of 8K broadcasts for invited guests by streaming video at 400 Mbps over the Internet2 Network at NBCUniversal’s Washington, DC office throughout the Olympics.

Internet2, JANET, GEANT, SINET4, and GEMnet2 helped with this transmission.

NHK hopes to use 8K for coverage of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Besides sports, the cutting-edge technology is useful in medicine, education and other fields.

So, if your travels take you to Brazil or Japan, check out the World Cup via NHK’S 8K broadcast…with assistance from Internet2 and the other international research and education networks.