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Surgery: Coming to You in Ultra High Definition

Jun 10, 2014, by Daniel Casares
Tags: Health & Life Sciences

Attendees at the 2014 Internet2 Global Summit were given the rare opportunity to witness two streaming surgeries from across the world. Live liver and kidney operations from the RUTE, Brazil’s “Telemedicine University Network” (RUTE) and the Czech Republic Education and Scientific NETwork (CESNET) demonstrated the power of ultra high-definition (HD) video conferencing and advanced networking applied to the field of medicine.

These live surgeries showcased how medical students and general surgery residents around the globe are able to seamlessly interact, ask questions and collaborate with experienced surgeon instructors in real time, broadcasting in immersive 4k video conferencing.

Bridging science, advances in technology and networking, and innovative distance education methods, National Research and Education Networks (NREN) worldwide are improving patient care delivery and health provider education.

From the RUTE network, Luiz Messina, Ph.D. presented the work of the RUTE, Brazil’s “Telemedicine University Network,” which is an initiative of the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, supported by and the Brazilian Association of University Hospitals coordinated by the National Education and Research Network (RNP). The RUTE network enables medical students and educators from 93 teaching hospitals to use advanced networking to promote healthcare in Brazil. Applications include innovative tools for health education, pre-diagnosis and remote medical care. Guido Lemos from RUTE also explained the advances in caption, transmitting and visualizing in 4k during a live surgery from the University Hospital Onofre Lopes at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in northeast Brazil.

From the CESNET Association, Jiri Navratil, Ph.D. and Sven Ubik, Ph.D informed attendees on their current projects and discussed CESNET’s involvement in the development of applications for HD multimedia content transmissions. Navratil highlighted how CESNET has become a worldwide leader in the streaming of surgeries to medical students from the Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.

The live surgery demonstration from Masaryk Hospital was made available through network connections via CESNET, GÉANT (the pan-European network), and Internet2.

Global Summit sessions and live demonstrations, as described above, illustrates the power of the global research and education community. Through initiatives like these, the Internet2 community, working together, is inspiring a new generation of community-developed applications empowering members to deliver a new breed of tailored, better-yielding services for healthcare research, patient care and provider education.

View a short video of the live Global Summit telesurgery.

For more information on the Internet2 Health Initiative please visit U.S. UCAN or email

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