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Engage and Collaborate on Social Media at Global Summit (#i2summit14)

Apr 03, 2014, by Meredith Lovelace
Tags: 2014 Internet2 Global Summit, Global Summit, Social Media, twitter

Update to the Mobile App at Global Summit: Timezones have been updated on the guide. If your schedule is showing the wrong time, please quit the guide and do the following: 

  • iPhone/iPad: from the main menu, click on "< Guides" on the top left corner. You should be taken to the "My Guides" screen. 
  • Android: use the "back" button (it usually looks like a left-facing arrow) on your device to return to your "My Guides" screen. 
  • Click on the 2014 Internet2 Global Summit Guide again, and allow it to load any updates. Your schedule should be in the right timezone. 

From the social junkies to the newbies, whether you are joining us in Denver or remotely via Netcast, we want our community members to join in the conversation and help make the Internet2 2014 Global Summit interactive, informative and fun!

We’ll be live Tweeting many sessions throughout the Summit, and leading up to the event, many members have been sharing their excitement via Twitter. You'll see a returning feature in the ballroom at the meeting: a Tweet wall will display tweets in real-time on one of the screens behind the main stage to encourage attendees to comment, ask questions, post photos and see what's the buzz at the meeting. The Tweet wall display will also be shown at the Internet2 Info Booth.

In addition to Twitter, we’ll be active on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Check out the icons (look right!) to connect to us on your favorite social property, or click on the icons on our Global Summit Mobile App, available for download soon.

If you are new to Twitter, you can read more on the Twitter site (or need a refresher if you have an account but haven't really used it yet).

As the Digital Communications Manager, the question I hear most is: "Can you help me learn to Tweet?" I would love to! In another post, I'll write all about why using Twitter is great for your job, career, networking and an effective way to engage with your community, but we'll just focus on the basics now.

To help get you started (or restarted) on Twitter for the Global Summit, here are some quick tips for successful tweeting:

  • Use hashtags, web links and handles: Check out the @Internet2 page for samples of tweets using these elements. Please be sure to use @Internet2 when tweeting about us (or if you want to make sure we see your tweet) and use the conference hashtag to help connect others to the conversation-#i2summit14.
  • Use visuals:  If you are using the Twitter app (free) on your phone, you can easily take a photo and upload to Twitter. People love to see (and retweet) visuals on Twitter and it is a great way to share informal snapshots and engage with your audience and followers.
  • Be concise and conversational: Tweets are limited to 140 characters, and that includes links and hashtags. The best tweets are short and sweet, and don't be afraid to just get started. Many people find an event is a great way to kick start their tweeting, as they follow the conference hashtag (#i2summit14) and voice their opinion, make a comment and find their colleagues and new connections.
  • Use good judgment: Keep in mind that Twitter is searchable; what you say matters and is a reflection of you. Be positive, be truthful and be constructive. That being said, if we see a gripe or concern come through on Twitter, we can resolve it quickly and tweet about the change or success. Obviously, you are encouraged to voice your opinions and thoughts, but constant negativity on Twitter can come across as griping and unprofessional, and may cost you followers.
  • Be yourself:  Ever gotten a follow from someone with no photo or bio? You have no context and no reason to return their follow (or as someone told me at a recent social media conference: don't follow an egg). Upload your headshot for your Profile Photo and add in interesting facts and your title/company/hashtags in your Bio (both found in the Settings section). People want to know who you are, your interests and why they should follow you or retweet you.

Ready to try it? Here are some ideas/suggestions on your first tweets at the meeting:

  • Looking forward to the meeting or want to highlight a specific session? Tweet about a session you are excited about, or a few people you only see once a year, using their handles and #i2summit14. See the Internet2 blog for selected sessions and use that as a jumping off point to tweet about topics and speakers. Also, be sure to use handles of speakers so your tweet appears on their feed.
  • Just leaving a great meeting with multiple members? Tweet about productive session, use their handles (or their school's handles) and end with #i2summit14.
  • Attending a session that knocks your socks off that is being Netcast? Tweet the link to the Netcast (from the Internet2 meetings page) along with a photo from your seat of the speaker.
  • Did an article catch your eye about the very topic featured later or one of the panelists? Tweet out the link to the article and link to the speaker's handle, ending with #i2summit14.
  • Hoping to get an impromptu BoF or dinner group together? Tweet an invite and see who you can meet, using #i2summit14 or @Internet2.
  • Want to jumpstart your follows but don’t know whom to follow? Check out the public Lists on the @Internet2 page, or search for #i2summit14 and see who has already contributed to the conversations. Once you start following accounts and commenting, other followers will come on board.

Still more questions? Tweet them and we can chat in Denver. I’ll be tweeting from @Internet2 all week long!

Best wishes for a successful and fruitful Global Summit and Happy Tweeting!