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2014 Internet2 Global Summit Scholarship Awards

Mar 19, 2014, by Ryan Bass
Tags: Global Summit

2014 Internet2 Global Summit Scholarship Awards

Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, North Dakota State University and Wayne Dunwoody, Director of Networking Infrastructures, Florida A&M University were selected to receive scholarships to attend the 2014 Internet2 Global Summit based on the topics they most valued and how they plan to apply the knowledge gained on their campuses. Thanks to sponsors Desire2Learn and Infinera, the scholarships were offered this year for two Internet2 members whose attendance was otherwise at risk.

    Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah and his group perform environmental nanotechnology research conducting studies on the life-cycle of nanomaterials, nanomaterial applications for resource recovery, environmental contaminant removal, and ecological implications of nanomaterials. He has major active research funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Achintya passionately works for the promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education among K-12 students in the United States and abroad. For the last three years, he has been involved in WateRediscover, where students from across the globe interact with each other using online resources including Internet2 and learn about research methodologies. Achintya coordinates this program and guides student groups and their mentors on research projects, and the program culminates in an International WateRediscover virtual conference where student groups present their research findings. Achintya has a Ph.D from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Assam Engineering College, India.

“I want to attend [the Global Summit] to help me further my goal of promoting STEM education across the globe using Internet2 resources and learn more about tackling Big Genomics Data in my research.”

 A Florida A&M University alumni, Wayne A. Dunwoody served at Proctor & Gamble Cellulose before coming back to FAMU as Senior Network Engineer specializing in Network Infrastructure Design / Support in 1997 and later becoming Director of Networking Infrastructures. In his tenure, Wayne has designed over 90 percent of the University’s Network Infrastructure laying thousands of strands of fiber, redesigning the University Backbone three times and deploying two sub-cores over the University’s 500-acre campus as well as supporting and designing all 6 remote-sites throughout Florida.  Currently Wayne is responsible for all Networking Infrastructure, which includes design for all Smart Classrooms, Cable TV Satellite system, Wireless & Wired data networks, Web-Casting, Telepresence & VCT video for distance learning initiatives.  He and his team have been featured in several publications for successfully reviving the University’s Network.

Wayne credits the Internet2 community to help him keep Florida A&M University technology evolving to support the latest Researchers initiatives needed for creative inventions used to save lives and create new technologies. 

“My attendance [at the Global Summit] will help FAMU tremendously in enhancing my ability to forecast and plan the future direction of the University,” says Wayne.  “I look forward to learning more about cloud technology, video and mobile to lead innovative technologies that enhance the skill sets of our students and minorities throughout the world.”