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A Great Partnership, Made Even Stronger

Mar 11, 2014, by Iljun Kim
Tags: Industry Partnerships, Internet2 NET+, Mitel/Level 3 SIP Services, Partnerships

Aastra has been a great partner since the Internet2 NET+ SIP Program launched. In fact, when conversations began with Aastra to provide cloud voice services, the NET+ Initiative was just being conceptualized. In essence, Aastra was a NET+ partner before it existed. We’re grateful for the excellent service they continue to offer our community as the Internet2 NET+ Program has expanded.

As it turns out, Aastra is also expanding, as they are joining forces with Mitel to become one of the strongest voice and unified communications providers in the world. This merger is an interesting one. Both Aastra and Mitel have been quite successful on their own, so while neither company was struggling, both will be stronger together. Aastra and Mitel offer synergies in both geographies and portfolios, and together they offer a more robust and comprehensive line of solutions from the smallest deployments to the largest across the world.

What does this mean for the Internet2 community? This is good news for the Internet2 NET+ SIP Program. Not only will Aastra’s services continue to be offered as before, but the merger will offer future potential to enhance the SIP Program with Mitel’s portfolio. In short, nothing is going to change in the near term except the name - which is good news, since the number of universities embracing the solution in our community continues to grow. Since the newly merged company will retain the Mitel brand, the Internet2 NET+ SIP Program will simply be offered under the Mitel brand instead of Aastra long-term.

As with any industry news like this, there can be some uncertainty. Based on conversations with Aastra’s education team (which remains unchanged), Internet2 is highly confident in the future direction of the Internet2 NET+ SIP Program with Aastra and now Mitel. Aastra and Mitel have provided this FAQ to answer common community questions. But, if you have any other questions, as always feel free to reach out to us at along with several opportunities to meet face-to-face with myself, Ben Fineman, and Aastra representatives at the upcoming Internet2 Global Summit.