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Upcoming Workshop: "Realtime Collaboration for Education: From Cameras to Clouds”

Feb 25, 2014, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Digital Video, Internet2 Video Exchange, Video, Video Services, Video, Voice & Collaboration, Voice Over IP

We talk a lot in our community about how great advanced video conferencing and VoIP technologies are for helping universities accomplish their missions, but it's not every day that we have an opportunity to dig into the details of how to actually make this happen. I'm pleased to say that in conjunction with the upcoming Internet2 Global Summit, we've scheduled such an opportunity - the "Realtime Collaboration for Education" workshop will be a day and a half with experts from our community talking about the nuts and bolts of deploying IP video and voice solutions. We will not only have high level talks on current technologies and trends in advanced IP communications, but also several hours of in-depth hands-on where participants will configure IP video/voice endpoints from the ground up and tie them into our global architecture for realtime communication. These endpoints will not only be able to call each other, but also the thousands or similarly configured endpoints around the world, as well as many of our NET+ services. You can take a look at the full agenda, and register. We hope that this session can provide a nice hands-on end cap to a productive week of collaboration at the Global Summit - we know you'll be tired by this point, but it will be worth it!