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100G ports update

Nov 14, 2013, by Linda Roos
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Layer 2 Services, Layer 3 Services, Member Update

The completion of the Internet2 backbone has encouraged upgrade to 100G ports by the Internet2 community. Internet2 offers both 100G Advanced Layer 2/Layer 3 Service and 100G Advanced Layer 2 Only.

Since our last report, two additional 100Gs have been implemented MAX (McLean, VA) and NOX (Boston). The existing 100G AL2S/AL3S ports including CENIC (Los Angeles), GPN (Kansas City, Tulsa), Indiana Gigapop (Chicago), OARnet (Cleveland), Pacific Northwest Gigapop (Chicago, Seattle), UIUC (Chicago). CENIC (Sunnyvale), Clemson University (Atlanta) and Florida LambdaRail (Jacksonville) have implemented 100G AL2S Only ports. Fourteen additional 100G upgrades are pending and will be completed in the coming months.

If you are interested in a 100G port on the Internet2 network, please contact Linda Roos (