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2013 Internet2 Innovative Application Awards Showcasing Software-Defined Network Coming Soon To Internet2’s Web Site

Nov 15, 2013, by Iljun Kim
Tags: Community Driven, Community-Driven Innovation, Innovative Application Awards, Internet2 Network, Member Update, Software Defined Networking

The eight 2013 Internet2 Innovative Application Awards showcasing software-defined networking (SDN) will be available to the public very soon via the Internet2 web site. The projects, selected in June for development to receive cash awards and support to create each open-sourced application, have been completed and tested. Details about each application can be found here. Details about each application can be found here.

The Innovative Application Awards program, sponsored by Juniper Networks, Ciena and Brocade, produced examples of new and advanced applications that can help lead the transformation of research, science and education by taking advantage of SDN and 100G capabilities of the Internet2 Innovation Platform. The program also complemented application development efforts by US Ignite, an Internet2 affiliate member. 

“The knowledge of this new generation of researchers is exciting to see and their enthusiasm is infectious,” said Grover Browning, Internet2’s senior director of network operations. “We hope to conduct another call for proposals in 2014 and continue our work with these projects. I have to say that some of the projects are so interesting that Internet2 may talk with them about moving forward at a production level.”

The program resulted in the development of many applications including for data movement, video services, network management and security applications. All the applications will be eventually available for use from Internet2’s web site. In addition, many of the groups plan to continue the development of their applications, either as an ongoing research project or a production network-based application.

The project teams consisted of individual or collaborative teams from a number of universities as well as one laboratory. While the teams were typically composed of undergraduate or graduate students, university staff members as well as faculty members and advisors participated in or provided support for the projects. By targeting the university student community, the contest encouraged new researchers to engage the network, develop code, and use various community resources.

“This is really an exploration! You are working a project, which is too advanced and no one else can help you,” remarked Pingping Lin, application developer for the Seamless Interworking of Software Defined Networks and IP project and based in Palo Alto, California. “Google will not help you either, because the problems you meet, Google does not have an answer for those.

“The good news is that Internet2 tested has everything you want. Once your project works on the Internet2 testbed, then you almost reach the final destination of this exploration…real world deployment.”

The new Internet2 Network is the first open, national-scale 100G network that employs SDN and OpenFlow standards, and includes equipment from the Innovative Application Award sponsors, Juniper Networks, Ciena, and Brocade, who are all Internet2 industry members.