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Breakfast With Evogh: Massive Scalability, Nearing Completion of NET+ Service Validation

Oct 17, 2013, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Amazon Web Services, Azure, Products & Services, Tools & Collaboration, Video Services, Video, Voice & Collaboration

Breakfast With Evogh: Massive Scalability, Nearing Completion of NET+ Service Validation

I had the pleasure this morning of having breakfast with Bob Koche, VP of Business Development for Evogh. Bob and I have been working hard together with a group of universities to take their SeeVogh product through the NET+ service validation process. I’m pleased at the progress we’ve been making, and there’s every reason to believe we will be able to move to the Early Adopter phase by next month.

SeeVogh is a unique product in this space. Born of EVO and VRVS heritage, SeeVogh has its roots in our community. It was conceived from the ground up as a collaborative application for research and education, and has extensive flexibility and customization options to accomplish these goals. One thing that’s particularly exciting about Evogh is the scalability – it’s perfectly reasonable to have a call with over 200 participants, all with video capabilities. Just don’t try to fit them all on your screen at the same time.

SeeVogh also has a unique deployment model – basically bring your own computer. This means if your university has an existing VMWare cluster it’s perfectly reasonable to deploy it there, or if you’d prefer to leverage Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (both NET+ services as well) you’re welcome to do so. This has huge implications in terms of cost – Evogh is much less expensive than traditional hardware solutions, and is even on the low end in the field of virtualized solutions.

As Bob told me this morning: “Fully interactive video experiences have long been a goal for higher education, however, historically it was not implemented due to cost. We’ve abandoned the hardware model and moved to a hybrid-cloud model which has taken at least two orders of magnitude out of the cost. We fully expect this to shake the industry and change the way collaboration happens.”

I agree with Bob that Evogh is part of a paradigm shift for the video collaboration industry. Stay tuned to see how our NET+ collaboration is shaping up – we think this will be a disruptive force in the market.