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Learning Gets Cloud Powered at CloudBeat 2013

Sep 10, 2013, by Shelton Waggener
Tags: Executive Insights

Whether it's delivering a world-class education, exploring new learning formats or helping higher education leverage their organization’s skills, it is pretty clear that cloud-based services are here to stay, and are transforming the teaching, learning and research experience.

Yesterday in San Francisco, a panel of education technology experts discussed at CloudBeat 2013 some of the dramatic changes underway in education, both inside and outside the traditional university. The borderless classroom also addressed gaps and challenges in implementing those technologies while moving forward on a path to make learning and knowledge more accessible, connected and impactful.

The panel included me, Jeff McDowell, vice president of marketing and business development, Desire2Learn; Dimitris Tsigos, president and co-founder, Epignosis; James Kenigsberg, chief technology officer, 2U (formally known as 2Tor); and moderated by Christina Farr, writer, VentureBeat.

CloudBeat is a gathering bringing together writers, entrepreneurs, developers, press and campuses discussing the pace of advance and change in the cloud space. Topics are wide-ranging, including many dimensions that impact higher education from globalization, service-to-service interfaces, hybrid cloud / in house architectures, architecting for previously unreachable scale, cultural challenges that emerge at enterprises moving to cloud services, even impact of the recent privacy-related, NSA disclosures on the cloud industry. It’s a fascinating time to be a technologist these days, and keeping connected with all the changes and break neck pace is harder, yet more important, than ever.

Internet2’s NET+ initiative relies on our community members to keep us tied into those discussions as new solutions are developed virtually every week. One of those solutions sponsored by the community last year is the Internet2 and Desire2Learn partnership regarding Desire2Learn Capture, a lecture capture and webcasting solution. The service enables faculty, staff and students to effortlessly capture rich-media presentations—with audio, video and visual aids—and broadcast them to online audiences, live and on demand, to support a blended learning program. Presentations can be embedded into Desire2Learn’s Learning Environment, public websites, or other content management systems.

The Internet2 NET+ Desire2Learn Capture service will offer flexible hardware, software, and web-based recording options to stream rich media content live or on-demand. The Capture media portal is highly customizable and will support multiple virtual portals allowing faculties and business units to easily brand, manage and customize their own. Desire2Learn currently helps more than 8 million people.

To learn more about Internet2’s work with Desire2Learn to transform education, read the FAQs or visit the NET+ page.