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Featured PAG: Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Advisory Group Update

Feb 01, 2013, by Doug Howell
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy, Program Advisory Groups

The Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) met for the first time in the new year this month. Rob Vietzke, Internet2 Vice President of Network Services, provided an overview of Internet2 Network Services 2013 programs and priorities. Discussed were the focus areas of global partnerships, positioning the community to adopt innovative services, and moving to greater adoption of the new network capabilities. The critical role NAOPpag can play in focusing community input to Internet2 and services was also discussed.

The NAOPpag Fee Subcommittee delivered their final report, detailing the past year's work and recommending that the NAOPpag confirm the sub-committee's endorsement of a new fee structure (see article above). Internet2 staff and NAOP members thanked the Fee Subcommittee including David Gift (Chair), Steve Corbato, Elias Eldayrie, Ron Hutchins, Harvey Newman, Brian Savory and Tripti Sinha for their counsel and substantial effort.

Two other subcommittees also discussed their work—the NTAC Futures and the TR-CPS peering service review. The NTAC Futures subcommittee includes David Crowe, Ron Hutchins, Akbar Kara, Michael Lambert, John Moore, Harvey Newman and Paul Schopis; the subcommittee is charged with evaluating the current NTAC and the associated working groups to determine how to best support the Internet2 community with sound technical feedback. The TR-CPS Review subcommittee includes Pat Christian, Joe Freddoso, Dave Jent, Charlie McMahon, Pankaj Shah and Marc Wallman; the subcommittee is charged with evaluating the current TR-CPS peering service and making recommendations to ensure that the service meets the needs of the community in the future.